I spent Sunday half immersed in Humans, and the Swedish original, Äkta människor, and half in code, following a passing musing to its conclusion. The former were and are quite brilliant; the latter was and is fiddly and peculiar, like all intersections of code and design. The latter began with me wondering exactly how difficult it might be to implement image overlays for supernaut without recourse to a plugin. This led to much reading and research, and deciding on Lightbox2 (instead of a plethora of others), taking half an hour to set up, and a few hours to get all nice looking (and nice-playing with caching). Of course it probably breaks all over the place, but the idea was to have the images fill as much of the browser as possible, with as little clutter as possible, and generally this seems to have happened.

I am so behind on blogging Every. Thing!


A pile of new books; more photos & a podcast from Stockholm; the delightful ‘Straayans Virginia & Francesca of VNS-FUCKING-MATRIX in Berlin; off to Brussels next week for Hans’ premiere … (the terrible, terrible thing that is Mette Ingvartsen’s 69 Positions (I wanna call it 69 Shades of [something offensive]); the almost as-terrible Xeno-Feminism Manifesto Launch (hashtag-haley-joel-osmet-i-see-white-feminists-dot-gif); close brackets) … head==explode!

Yoga & Shibari Workshop, March 2015


Because it’s that time of the month, and it’s Spring!

Yoga & Shibari monthly workshop with Dasniya Sommer
When: Tuesday, March 31st
Time: 7-11 pm
Cost: 20€ for the evening
At: Teatris/Alte Kantine in
Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt in Wedding, Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin
U8 Pankstr/U9 Osloerstr
Please call when you are in the courtyard, in case you don’t find it, or the door is locked:
+ 49 174 393 70 49

Please register beforehand, then we send you the details!
General description: English + German

Yoga + Shibari Workshop, 17th February 2015, Berlin


Dasniya Sommer’s monthly Yoga & Shibari workshop takes place this month on Tuesday the 17th. All the info:

Hours: 7-11 pm
Costs: 20€ for the evening.
At Alte Kantine Wedding
Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt
Uferstraße 8-11, 13357
U8 Pankstr/U9 Osloerstr

In case you don’t find it, or the door is locked, please call when you are in the courtyard (by Café Pförtner): + 49 174 393 70 49.

Please register beforehand, then we send you the details!
General class description: English + German

blog cleaning progresses


I’ve been avoiding doing the cleaning of several years of posts, but somehow fell into it a couple of days ago, trying a few different approaches to get through the task until I found one that’s methodical, quick, and requires very little brain use. The problem is supernaut existed in a couple of different platforms before WordPress, and there remains (currently from August 2005 to December 2010) a lot of mess and pretty much all the images not properly linked. So I’m working through that, one month at a time, and while it’s certainly not exciting, I am getting to read back over ten years of blogging and my life.

Bike Repairs


After three years of riding my bike pretty hard, it was long past having bits replaced. The headset had a groove worn in it so when turning it would resist then ‘hilariously’ oversteer, and the entire chainset was worn to the point of looking like someone took a mallet to it. So, off to the bike shop. Yesterday I got it back, which meant I threw a lot of Euros around, explosive decompression of bank account; it cost as much as a cheap-ish new bike (still cheaper than der Öffis). But it is beautiful. When I change gears it doesn’t go “grrrr–grrrr–clunk” anymore. It goes “snick!” and sometimes “ching!” And it’s shiny beyond belief. It looks fucking beautiful. I’ve also finally found about the best setup for the canti brakes (the brakes that don’t), as evinced by throwing myself over the handlebars while testing (yes, I really did). Almost a pity that it’s going to get hurled in the mud again and have Berlin sand and forest ground into it.

Colours of Bruises


Last week, Dasniya and I rehearsed with Jennifer Evans for a video to accompany her music, which we will be spending the next couple of days shooting. Keeping it amongst friends, Valquire Veljkovic, with whom I worked as choreographer for the video of Noblese Oblige is doing all the camera work and editing. No photos at the moment though (bah!), it looks very pleasing though, and Dasniya and I spent Friday in the climbing shop buying static rope and pulleys which we’ll attempt to put to use.

Miscellaneous Zürich Stuff…


Because I said, … and I am in Zürich and have subsequently been silent: I was in the land of Bürli (Bürli! I’d completely forgotten about them; I used to eat Doppelbürli almost every day for lunch) working with Das Helmi, who are working with Theater Hora for their combined puppet / theatre performance of Mars Attacks! (yes, Ack! Ack! Ack!), documenting the late-rehearsals and performance. I’ll be joining them again in late-April for the premiere at Rote Fabrik in early-May. Also I’ll be playing catch-up blogging in the next days, once I’ve sorted and dealt with a couple of hundred images and hours of video. In other exciting news, Vienna!

Categories & Tags Mayhem (∴ SQL)


I was just about to write on a few things I’m reading – Michel Serres, Black Metal Theory mostly – and suddenly felt an urge to clean up, merge, rename, delete some of the 1300 tags on supernaut, when I noticed something dead weird: some of the tags were simultaneously categories. Much messing around and the inability to edit or change taxonomies caused me to have a look at the database, where I found, horribly, they indeed existed as both. I guess this is either a hangover from the Movable Type port some years ago, or a plugin that didn’t do its job properly around the same time. So I manually deleting 50 or so of these and their relationships. And then did some more merging and renaming. And now I must eat.

misc. supernaut-ing


Yesterday, I updated to WordPress 3.6 then realised all the Post Formats stuff had been pulled from Core, and mediaelements.js was now in Core, so all my video was borked. Fixed that; discovered supernaut had been hacked back in April. Fixed that; made new favicons. Got annoyed by wp-admin slowness so spent an hour going through database cleaning out the options table (a curse on old plugins which don’t clean up after themselves when deleted). Realised some plugins weren’t working properly, deleted them, unexpectedly seeming to solve months of horribly slow/timing out wp-admin. Wrote a quick function to filter by Post Format in wp-admin. Felt rather pleased with self and taking that as a sign I’ve done something horrible which I’ll only notice in three months when supernaut farts itself and all backups out of existence.