my name is 张德江 Zhang Dejiang

I’ve been slowly limiting my China obsession to merely a Guangdong Province one. Mainly because China is simply too vast for me to consider as one country, and obviously I don’t consider Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Tibet to be part of China, and I’d extend that opinion to Xinjiang, and if I’m feeling particularly magnanimous, I’d say among other provinces, pretty much everything south of the dividing range is not-China, including my beloved Guangdong Province, that deserves sovereignty for their cuisine alone. So, 张德江 Zhang Dejiang, is, among other things, Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, and EastSouthWestNorth thinks he is a very interesting man.

Who is Zhang Dejiang (张德江)? Here is China Vitae‘s record:

Zhang Dejiang, male, 55, Han nationality, is a native of Tai’an, Liaoning Province. He was born in November 1946, joined the CPC in January 1971 and joined the workforce in November 1968. Zhang graduated from the Economics Department, Kim Il Sung Comprehensive University. As a university graduate, he holds the professional title of Lecturer.

Zhang, who speaks Korean, worked in Jilin Province until the mid-1980’s when he moved to Beijing as vice minister of Civil Affairs. In the 1990s, he became secretary of the CPC Jilin Municipal Committee and 1998 relinquished that position to become secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee.

Zhang was an alternate member of the 14th CPC Central Committee and a member of the 15th CPC Central Committee. Zhang is currently a member of the Politburo of the 16th CPC Central Committee and secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Party Committee.

— EastSouthWestNorth – The Case of Zhang Dejiang

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