Video Arrives


I’m working on a website for Lewis at the moment, and taking horrendous liberties with WordPress’ Post Formats — more-or-less a Tumblr division of posts depending on the post content — which in turn I’m recycling into supernaut, as when I first decided to rapidly upgrade, I wanted to be able to use all the things in WordPress I then couldn’t. So, Asides and Status were simple-ish, and now Video. I need to spend some time on the design and layout, because supernaut has never had something image-like so large splattered across its barren, white expanse. Nonetheless, all this has rejuvenated my love of supernaut and blogging.

A bit of a Mess, (continued)


… supernaut has been one-columnised. Most of the index page is done. Older stuff is broken (Oh! Images, why do you hate me?). Things have been lost/misplaced/sorted into piles for later use or discarding. Looking forward to hand-grepping the database.

(This is trying to be an aside but breaks things … Trying to use supernaut differently.)

thingswithbits updates itself

I’ve never been so taken by my design website, in respect to design having been thrown into a free template, and in respect to its purpose. On Friday evening, having just finished something or other, I thought perhaps I could just throw it into the template I use for, and had an idea I could use various images of various websites and so on as background.

Some enjoyable coding working out how to link the full-screen background image gallery code into WordPress using custom fields met with disappointment when I discovered the design idea in my head looked fairly crap in a browser.

Not one to shy away from excessive minimalism, I kept cutting things back until I was left with a large swathe of white and a single list on the far left. When I did the redesign for supernaut, (I forget when, I think early 2005 in Taipei), I was slightly afraid of the emptiness I’d uncovered. It was as if I’d taken a rococo edifice and levelled it until only the masonry remained. It’s an approach I tend to apply to choreographing also; I’m partial to an evening of killing one’s babies, it’s just the aftermath that makes me anxious.

So, has become perhaps an un-website, I feel slightly embarrassed to say. It’s intentionally empty, though without being a placeholder.

Now with three main websites, there is still a gap. I’ve been doing more photography in the last two years since getting a very good small camera, and yet this doesn’t fit into any of the sites. It may be that thingswithbits has to die so that it can be more inclusive. For now though, it’s at least a site of mine I no longer feel is the unmentionable one (which is good, considering it’s my work).