late spring painting of leaves for arrival of summer

He carries a large white bucket and three different brushes, two delicate tied on to poles, one short and fat. The first he uses for scrubbing a fresh coat of grey-green enamel around the upper reaches of the small street lights, the second and smallest for painting around the light fixture, standing back and reaching up; the larger one for brushing across the base and down to the cobblestones and grass. From the window Dy says it looks like he is painting the tree leaves. He carries the bucket and brushes down the street to the next lamp, a faint scent of solvents on the breeze.


there is a chimney on the other side…

… but not so much sun this spring. A view from my window in Wedding, over the BVG workshops, now becoming dance studios. The bus or tram washing hall turned into a bar, open infrequently, though last night was one. When the evening sun shines, the chocolate red brown bricks glow through a portico of spring-fresh leaves.


brussels train

A week in Brussels. Much reading, three new books, two finished. Much cooking also, Hans, Aunschka, Paea whom I’ve not seen for over a year and an half, James, Gala, Gina. Climbing too, reminding me why I love this verticality so much. Also work. Lucky to have this portability where I can be anywhere comfortable and connected and my work resumes.

My favourite seat on the Airbus also, A1 I suppose, right beside the door, claustrophobic and unpopular while everyone enters, but then excess legroom and certainly the first off at the other end.

Of course some plans to go back sooner-er-ish and see Gala again. Yoga, eating, talking, spoons… chocolate… my second home.

I took some photos on the way from Gare du Midi to the airport, mostly between there and slightly north of north station.


lx3 v2.1 1:1

While I suffer with what I shall call VogelschweinSARSgrippe, and ponder whether I can arrive in as many cities as I did empty of SARS and depart leaving a trail of disease (unlikely as I have no immediate plans to visit airports), I shall delight in firmware.

Many things I like about my LX3, (some not so much – mainly the lack of a longer zoom and distortion at both ends of) but one I was uhhh… quite drooling when I heard of its arrival in the version 2.1 firmware. 1:1 format. Square in other words. To add to the 16:9, 3:2 and 4:3 ratios already affixed to the barrel.

Other exciting things including exposure compensation to +/-3 stops in 1/3 increments, white balance bracketing, and faster auto-focus induce much happiness, but… 1:1!!! Excitement. Somehow in the current frenzy of widescreen 16:9 or even greater, there is something very satisfying in a square image. It’s a different approach to composition that seems to suit how I look at things.

(Shall try and blog more also…)


riding home at night

Many other photos to show, of shibari chrome sex robots, and a nach dienstschluss mit Katrin, whom I am designing her portfolio website. Not coding, just design. I seem to have a lot of thoughts of coding and design at the moment, and also dance and making. Nice, comfortable, familiar to feel this.

I bike along Karl-Liebknecht-Str in the morning and then again evening. This was a flat concrete apron, devoid of structures, then a monstrous digging pit, now, late in darkness, I ride home and have my camera, so… mmm I’ve been wanting to photograph these things at night in Berlin.


leaving the brauerei

For the last nine months, I’ve been living in a beautiful, isolated small apartment, by virtue of being on a hill, high above Berlin. By virtue also of an empty Brauerei returning to wilderness. Plants, shrubs, possibly even young trees are sprouting from its eaves and gutters and roof. For winter it was a mesmerising dance of muted colour under snow and weak light. Summer brought with it a jungle, rich saturated vegetation, the brilliant greens jumping out of the tan and red brickwork and slate tiles.

Today I leave. Cleaning. Packing almost done. I slept in, even. A rarity when only on the weekend do I have time to dance, but for this morning, a more leisurely approach to this day felt needed.

I have accumulated much in the past nine months. Well, much for me. The two suitcases I arrived with have swollen to number four additional bags. I move north then, the view is not comparable, and while it is a pretty and homely place I go to, I am leaving somewhere I could have easily spent years in.

Impermanence. Wondering how long will I stay anywhere, and when friends remain in one home for three years and I make my way through a clutch of countries in that time… More than one year in Berlin. Yes, planning on new things again, more dance, more attention to the things that interest me… a solo of course. Yes, as unsurprising as what I wrote in November was, so should that last remark be equally unsurprising.

Photos then. The Brauerei last night, as a storm moved in. Autumn is pushing back sumer, at first in the cooler nights, then whole days of inclement grey, rain, and lowering skies. Still not the burdening and monotone expanse of deep autumn, and still yet days of summer to arrive, but unlike those days in March, bursting out of winter, when we lay on the grass beside Engelbecken, soaking in warmth and brightness, these days hold the imminent coming of the coldest season.


brauerei fast fertig

Soon I will have to leave my beloved hobo dachgeschoss. Eight months, surely one of the most beautiful homes in Berlin, and of all the many I have lived in, the peach. Coming up the stairs each night, home. I wander around in underpants and a t-shirt, or naked. No curtains, but then who is to see when my outlook is the brauerei. I had hoped to see her through to winter, a full year. Perhaps I will somehow anyway, on occasional visits.

I go to Brussels tomorrow, for the weekend. Fleeing Berlin as I perhaps prone to do, though never have the velocity to escape. A short holiday adventure. Things afoot. Plans, future, anticipation. It is nice to feel this again.

I couldn’t pick one I liked so I decided on all. I’m very taken by the 4:3 aspect ratio on my camera, very square and somehow conveys a sense of depth that suits the wide angle of the lens at least as much as the 16:9 ratio does. It is time to do yoga and pack though.


plants vs brauerei

Somehow I stumbled back onto a couple who inspired my greatly years ago when I first started computers and design and… then they were doing beautiful things with Flash, now yes, well still bits of Flash, but also WordPress and other things. I seem to follow without being aware of it.

He has a video, shooting HD macro with a Nikon D90, and I thought, “oh! I have a camera. It shoots HD. I like Macro. I wonder…” I wonder can I combine aperture priority with manual focus or the macro lens setting with HD video somehow to get those beautiful to me out of focus backgrounds and crisp flecks of detail? It was getting dark, or towards, towards twilight. Then I spent an hour maybe in Final Cut, trimming six minutes down to 52 seconds.

I wonder if someone who bakes might enjoy the view, and her Oma’s plants? I wonder if someone with Audiogeräte might like to play with tiny films?