sorayama nawa shibari

Last night with the wonderful Katrin, I was introduced to an artist I’d not thought upon for years, and likely also not seen his work for that long even in passing. Memories of fetish porn dressing the pages of more conventional softcore magazines, or perhaps battered issues of other old magazines, to stumble across a chrome flesh sex robot on one page, his style immediately unmistakeable.

Katrin, amidst her hundreds of vinyl LPs which I was photographing for ideas for her website produced, from a small padded and brown package, a thick block of matte paper, the edges dressed in a thin banding of spectrum colour, each page an airbrushed erotic dream, laughing naked women, sex, cyborgs, and then of course, utterly beguiling shibari. Too real to be real, or perhaps what porn could be if the attention to photography was that of fashion or art.

And one page brought a smile to me. Well, every page did in various ways, but to see Hokusai’s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife reimagined by Hajime Sorayama was … quite delectable.