sex porn art casting shock ban!

I think I’m becoming a one-trick whore for we-make-money-not-art, because all I seem to do right now is read them and think, “aw! fully sick!” and then blog about it… Anyway, excellent performance art disturbances from Shu-Lea Cheang that kinda remind me of my plans for Guangzhou, and make me dizzy with glee , and wonder just how quickly we could get booted out of China for disturbing social morals.

In Norway, porn is illegal but the artist nevertheless organised a porn casting session inside a tent (images) for her Fluid project.

The casting was cancelled by law and the tent never finished. She was threatened to get a huge fine if she persisted and the curator of the festival would have run into troubles as well. But the press loved the story and wrote about it in a sensationalist way: “Sex tent” at music festival stirs debate, Music festival pulls plug on live sex film, etc. The misadventure also caused much debate in Norway about the censorship of art projects.

— we-make-money-not-art

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harisu in trembling heart

Keeping her acting career on the make, Korean transsexual model Hirasu is pretty much playing herself in a new tv show in Korea

Harisu will star in “Trembling Heart (Ttolinun Kasum)”, a 12-part miniseries to air on MBC beginning April 2.

The drama will tell six different stories revolving around one family. Harisu will star in one of the stories, according to the drama’s producers.

Harisu, who starred in the film “Yellow Hair 2” in 2001, has appeared in a television drama before, but this will be the first time for her to play a transsexual and a main character in a drama.

Harisu will appear in the third and fourth episodes of “Trembling Heart” as Park Man-ho, a man who experiences sexual confusion throughout his early life. After leaving his family for two years, he returns at the age of 30 as a woman named Park Hye-un.

— The Korea Times