More Dasniya. More Shibari. More Art.

You thought I was joking about Dasniya only being in Berlin on a Tuesday? Right now she’s in Oldenburg, then she’s off to Warsaw, then back to Berlin to perform, then I dunno — too far in the future to scry. Definitely in Berlin in December with Das Helmi though. Plenty of rope/shibari/bondage/yoga workshops in November too (and Wellness to Torture is still the best name for a workshop ever).

Dasniya says:

Dear Rope and Theatre Friends,

the must-be event of the month is the Porn Film Festival 2016, starting next week. Check out my first photo exhibition Moviemento cinema! For November there will be five morning classes, and a bondage gig for Arte.

Also back in November: Yoga Shibari, and Self-Suspension #2.

Oil–burn your ropes and stay warm,


Here’s everything. You can also keep up with her news on her blog, Zur Zeit; on Twitter, @dasniyasommer; or her mailing list.

  1. Shows & Exhibitions
  2. Berlin Workshops
  3. Blog

Dasniya Sommer at Helsinki Shibari Festival

These days, Dasniya calls me mid-week:
“Hey, D! Where are you?”
“Berlin! I just got back from [place]”
“Excellent! You here this weekend?”
“Nah, I’m off tomorrow morning to [other place].”
And repeat next week.

Last week she was in Mainz, this week Helsinki. Right now, yes! For the Helsinki Shibari Festival, where she’s teaching a rope/shibari/bondage workshop this weekend. In Helsinki? Go. It’s called Wellness to Torture. How could anyone not want to go to a workshop called that? Also another one called Japanese Dreams, where she goes into butoh and bondage.

In Berlin, not in Helsinki? Her Tuesday morning workshops are running all October. And she was in Oliver Riehs’ new comedy Der Affenkönig, on at CineStar Kulturbrauerei from next week.

Here’s everything. You can also keep up with her news on her blog, Zur Zeit; on Twitter, @dasniyasommer; or her mailing list.

  1. Shows & Teaching Abroad
  2. Berlin Workshops (at Institut Sommer in Berlin-Wedding)
    • 3 x Shibari Technique in Oct: Tuesdays 4, 11 & 18 (No class on the 25th), always 10am -12pm
    • Self-suspension Workshop 14th Oct. 12-16h

Dasniya in Amsterdam for the Fringe Festival & Teaching

I got a phonecall from Dasniya last night, back from Bern (and e-bikes!) and not in Berlin for even a day before off to Amsterdam on the train this morning. She said, “I’m performing in the Amsterdam Fringe Festival!” All quite spontaneous and unexpected. So, this is me blogging her performing there, and yes, she will be teaching, public and private workshops and classes and yes, rope sessions also.

You can get all the performance information on her blog: Harness — Amsterdam Fringe Festival, general Amsterdam info: Workshops, Private Teaching, & Sessions in Amsterdam, and this Sunday’s (Sept 4th) Shibari Bondage Amsterdam Workshop.

Amsterdam. Dasniya. Shibari. Why are you not there already?


Dasniya at Xplore Sydney

Barely off the plane from Thailand, Dasniya calls me in Brussels early this week with some questions, then much back-and-forthing the following days and so, at very short notice, Dasniya is going to be teaching at Xplore Sydney Festival 2013 at the end of March.

The details and schedule haven’t been finalised but, in addition to teaching Yoga & Shibari in the festival, she will also be performing, as well as talking at The Symposium. As well, she is presently arranging workshops and private classes in Sydney, and likely venturing north, up the coast as one would say, somewhere near Byron Bay.

All a bit chaotic, so in the meantime, details:

Xplore Festival Sydney 2013
Easter weekend, March 29-31, 2013
@criticalpath, The Drill Hall,
1c New Beach Rd,
Rushcutters Bay,
NSW 2027,

More information & booking on: xplore Sydney
For those on Fetlife: Xplore Festival Sydney FetLife Group
Dasniya’s website:

And some photos! Try outs für “Pangea Ultima ‘La chute d’ Icare'” with the Collective La dernière Tangente. Erik Fischer & Bernard Garo, Lyon 2013.

Shibari Technique December

While Dasniya is away on tour, I will be teaching the Tuesday evening Shibari Technique classes. The address is:

“Buffet – Queer Art Studio”
Schlesische Straße 38 II.
HH Mühlengebäude, I OG
10997 Berlin Kreuzberg
U1 Schlesisches Tor

You can also look under ‘Kontakt’ on Dasniya’s website for a map.

Shibari Technique/ Yoga – Dec/Jan/Feb

Liebe KursteilnehmerInnen!

wie die meisten schon mitbekommen haben, wird die wöchentliche Shibari- Technik Klasse (Di 20-22 h @ Buffett- Queer Art Studio) im Dez, Jan, Feb weiterlaufen.

Im Dez wird Frances unterrichten und im Jan/Feb 2011 Rui evtl. mit Monika.

Dafür ganz viel Spaß Euch!

Also, gebt diesem Winter Saures!


Dear Participants!

As some of you might know all ready, the Shibari- Technique class (Tu 20-22 h @ Buffett- Queer Art Studio) will continue when I am away. Frances is going to teach in December, and Rui and Monika in Jan/Feb 2011.

Best and have fun!