going offline

It’s been three months since I walked into this studio at the Taipei Artist Village. It’s been my home for that long, and tomorrow I’m leaving. The last three months have been a real trip, making art, meeting artists, seeing shows, exhibition openings, room parties, night markets, waaay too much beef noodle soup… I said goodbye to Yilin this evening, who has been my mama while I have been here. She is one cool chick who made my life so much easier, and has been a scream to hang out with. I’m going to miss her. I’ve seen so many artists leave, Paul and Colin from Australia, Paul and Richard from Wales, Hsiaoshan, Shangping… and now it’s my turn. It’s been fun.

Tomorrow I leave for Taizhong, for Chinese new year and some mountain climbing and a bit of getting dirty in the forest. Then it is back to China for a very uncertain future. Work is Guangzhou is not confirmed, which is not unusual but after three months of living on a meagre grant (yay! ANAT, yay! Ian Potter) I’m getting really fucking poor, and need to cut this artist bullshit out and get a real job.

In the meantime, I don’t know how much internet access I’ll have in the next two weeks, so posting may be sparse if not non-existant. Keep yourself amused on China and Asia stuff by checking out the links on the side, they’re there because I read them regularly and think they are cool, not to fill up space.

To Windows users, the site re-design is going sloooooowly. That means the links bar is far below, at the end of all the posts. I have too much to do – like pack – to fuck around trying to make non-css compliant browsers read my shitty code, so make your internet experience more fulfilling by using Firefox.

(I’m gonna go before I make like Gwyneth)

in the mountains

I spent the weekend in Taizhong with Shang-ping, one of the artists in residence at the Taipei Artist Village. His house on the outskirts of town with a backyard that became bush as it crawled up the hills reminded me of the villas around Salzburg. We spent Saturday night with a house-full of old friends and their children, eating and drinking, and yesterday drove into the hills, first up into the mountains above Bihu, a long jade-green lake, and then back down to Sun Moon Lake, the Monaco of Taiwan. But the best thing was sitting in sheep-filled fields above Bihu, the sky clear blue, and the mountains dusted in snow.