homeless dance co

In-between rehearsing, last night I drifted up to the 4th floor of Asialink for drinks and hanging out with the just-arrived Homeless Dance Company, and it was a very happy surprise for me to see Yogi, one of the dancers at 舞蹈空間 Taipei Dance Forum, and also to finally meet Daniel Yeung from Hong Kong, who is one of the very few independent choreographers in the city. Also there, sitting in a circle were Melbourne’s Nat Cursio, Motoko Ikeda from Tokyo, Jung Young doo and Kim Sung Yong from Korea and visual artist Elizabeth Boyce also from Melbourne.

I’m going along on Friday to watch some of their rehearsals at the Meat Market, and they are having showings there on the 28th of April. Then they are off to Hong Kong at the Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre till mid-May and Taipei’s National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Centre till the end of the month. Yes I am quite envious of them all going to two of my favourite cities, and am dreaming of the night markets in Taipei where I would eat like a whale straining krill.

austral-asian-dual-invasion is a collaborative creative development project that will begin in Melbourne and continue development in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It will explore the meeting of different cultures : cultural identities, cultural activities and cultural symbols. The team consists of local choreographer Natalie Cursio and local visual artist Elizabeth Boyce with five dance artists from four Asian cities : Tokyo [Motoko Ikeda], Taipei [Chan Yu chun] Korea [Kim, Sung yong] and Hong Kong [Daniel Yeung and Anna Cheng].

JOINING US FOR MORNING CLASS ___ wed 18 and wed 25 april. 9.30 – 10.30am. $5-
COMING TO OUR CHOREOGRAPHIC WORKSHOP___ fri 20 april. 9.30 – 11.15am. $12-
WATCHING OPEN REHEARSALS___ thu 19 and 26 april. 3.00 – 4.00pm. free!
SEEING OUR SHOWINGS AND FORUM/CONVERSATION___sat 28 april. 2.00 AND 4.00pm. free!

All classes and open rehearsals will be held at Artshouse / North Melbourne Town Hall. [521 Queensberry St, Nth Melb]

The showings will be held at The Meat Market. [5 Blackwood St, Nth Melb]

— homeless dance co