the great blogger survey

The fibreculture mailing list for all things net-art and computery had a request from Mathieu O’Neil who is currently Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University’s Center of New Media Arts, to assist him in his survey of blogs. The survey is pretty straight-forward, short answer responses and you can provide as much or as little-information as you like. He needs to have at least 100 responses to give the survey any statistical value, so with 500 000 blogs in China, he should have that many by about 5 seconds after I hit ‘post’.

I’m presently conducting a sociological survey of blogs, focusing on the social dynamics which lead people to blog and on how bloggers determine the value of their and other bloggersí work on the blogging market. My research findings will be presented at a conference at Macquarie University (Sydney), ‘Mobile Boundaries / Rigid Worlds: The Contemporary Paradox’ in late September.

I conducted a similar survey with zine publishers in the mid-nineties, obtained 120 responses, and wrote up the results in an article entitled ‘The Lay of the Land. Portrait of the Zinester as a Social Statistic’ which was published in the ‘zine of zines’, Factsheet 5 (no. 62, 1997). I’m also interested in the possible continuities / discontinuities between blogs and zines.