double happiness

Two excellent things in the last couple of days I shall endeavour to celebrate. Perhaps with wine and peanut butter. mmm… that’s a rather undelectable combination. Maybe to say, not at the same time.

On Monday after much tribulation, quaking, apprehension and terror, with the delightful company of Trudel, I found myself at the Ausländerbehörde once more and departed €50 lighter and in possession of a 1 Jahr Selbständige freiberufliche Choreographin und Tänzerin Aufenthaltserlaubnis. And today by courier arrived Serway’s Principles of Physics – A Calculus-Based Text, because I had this idea I wanted to study Environmental Engineering, and thought I should remember how to do such things.

ich habe deutsche gelernt… ein bisschen

Oh it’s finished. A month of learning German five hours a day, grammar grammar grammar… my brain hurt from all the new pathways being made… mmm so now I feel I know it less well than French still. But improving.

Wanted to write more but feeling lazy…


where i am…

Oh a long pause… oops… not from lack of things to say, just fallen out of the habit. So, for the next month I have a small routine.

Walk from Südstern to Markisches Museum for ballet, walk from there to Weinmeisterstr in Mitte to the Goethe Institut for an afternoon of Lernen Deutsch. Already today my brain feels mushy… oh speak to me in small words…


I spent the early afternoon today pottering around on two things that while their minutia is like worms eating in the garden, perhaps for me they will be the start of a new part of my life.

After much vacillating, I finally enrolled to go back to university and add another degree to my years of ambivalent study. I’m doing a major in Asian Studies, with a pile of stuff in politics, as I had this idea doing human rights work of some kind in Central Asia would be… fun. And to make something of my obsessional reading on the region and fields also. So I get to study Chinese properly too, instead of teaching myself some peculiar Cantonese-Sichuan-Hunan-Putonghua hybrid.

This starts at the beginning of June, and because it’s online, I can complete four semesters in a year, and I won’t be shackled to some town or city for two or three years either. mmm books! learning! excitement!!!

The other adventure is my impending departure for Europe. Yes, I can’t be without you Daniel, and I expect to be greeted at the airport by you with green mascara, glitter in your beard and wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress. Late June, I’m venturing far, far north to Townsville for a bit over a week for… mmm the flowers elegantly explain why. Then to Europe and unknown things.

I have no upcoming projects here, no funding I’m waiting to hear on, no obligations and so I hope maybe to find what I dream of in the places that have most felt like home.

For now then, to dance, finish a multitude of loose threads, arrange, pack, enjoy my darling friends here, and then…