god made you a boy

After the tranny-medical adventures I had yesterday, I probably shouldn’t even be going anywhere near reading an article like this because it is certain to make me want to kill kill kill for inner peace and mental health. But whatever, lance the boil etc. Anyway read this rather long article from Speigel Online, it will make you a better person.

“We always saw Kim as a girl, but not as a problem,” says the father. “In fact, our life was surprisingly normal.”

Normal until Kim was twelve, and experienced the first signs of puberty. She was overcome by panic when her voice began to drop. She had no interest in becoming one of those brawny creatures with gigantic hands and deep voices who dressed like women but looked unfeminine. Only hormones could prevent Kim from turning into Tim again, and time was of the essence.

The family was at a loss when it came to seeking medical advice. “If your child has a heart defect you send him to a specialist,” says Kim’s mother, “but when your child is transsexual everyone seems to have an opinion.”

— Spiegel Online

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