freaked out light hating slime mould robot

I just thought, “wouldn’t it be cool to get a bunch of these slime mould robots that can’t handle the light, and pump them full of crystal meth and play Slayer at them really loud, blast them with a stadium full of par cans, and watch them dance… my friends were just horrified. Dancing robots, it’s all over except for the grave-digging for contemporary dance.

They grew slime in a six-pointed star shape on top of a circuit and connected it remotely, via a computer, to the hexapod bot. Any light shone on sensors mounted on top of the robot were used to control light shone onto one of the six points of the circuit-mounted mould – each corresponding to a leg of the bot.

As the slime tried to get away from the light its movement was sensed by the circuit and used to control one of the robot’s six legs. The robot then scrabbled away from bright lights as a mechanical embodiment of the mould. Eventually, this type of control could be incorporated into the bot itself rather than used remotely.

— New Scientist

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