angel of death meets C64 & NES

Most people who know me a bit understand I love metal. In all it’s forms, from the original heavy stuff of Sabbath and Motörhead, through the crossover decade of speed metal when I was confused if I should like Slayer, coz they sounded awesome, but weren’t punk, and DRI who are the hugely unacknowledged missing link, all the way to this year’s introduction by Emile Zile (who has a birthday tomorrow) of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Sunn O))), like Depeche Mode say, “I just can’t get enough”. harhar.

And it was Emile again, when we did a sharing of blogs we read, who turned me on to { { { { – – Sky Noise — >>>, who became a daily read in mere seconds, and is one of my favourite sites of computer/art/technology/stuff. (Emile and I have talked about the flabbiness of the term “new media arts” that through its attempts to be all-inclusive becomes both meaningless and exclusionary).

The point to all this is today there was a meeting of some of my favourite things, Slayer covers using C64 & NES, available for download in juicy MP3 goodness.