rotten and minus some neurons

Lucky I’m not a Calvinist or I’d know for sure the last few days earthly torment was God’s punishment for having too much fun last week. Personally I suspect a kind of annual Bird Flu or SARS, as it was almost this time last year I found myself going from fairly normal to hospital in a matter of hours. Oh sickness, malady, feebleness of my body, what a crappy few days it’s been.

Normally I’d say, “Hence absence of blog”, but you all know how tardy I’ve been at this lately.

Anyway. Much expectorating of lungs and tightness of jaw, so … Tuberculosis. Or SARS. I thought maybe Ebola but my viscera didn’t seem to liquidate fast enough. However in keeping with the lucky small fraction who survive that virus, my brain has been drastically reduced. Mostly I is zombie. I have to think to walk. … So … this is what it’s like to be stupid … or average.

Finished Harry Potter though, and cried. My favourite is still Prisoner of Azkaban, but Deathly Hallows is really very good. I feel I should read them all one after the other now.

Lots of profoundly odd dreams populated with close friends I’m attributing to flu hallucinations. I’ve been writing down the more disturbing, striking or just naggingly remembered ones since the start of the year, a little collection of alptraum.