miss international queen 2006

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a few days but I am lazy and self-centred. So. Finally I have a means for dating the years that pass by my blog: Miss International Queen. Last year’s winner, Mimi Marks you are all familiar with as she has consistently been the highest search query here for ages.

This year the winner is Miss Mexico, Erika Andrews, beating favourite Miss Philippines Patricia Montrecarlo to the prize.

Of course I think this is cool and always love the tranny beauty pageants across Asia, but as usual I am going to pause for a moment amidst all the fake boobs and ballgowns to slag off several newspapers, including Pattaya Daily News, which comes from the same city as the contest and should bloody well know better than to call anyone in the contest ‘he’ or ‘mr’. But extra bile and a spit in your face goes to SBS World News anchor and ‘out-and-proud’ fag Anton Enus who has no fucking excuse for the lazy and useless piece of fluffy-kittens-after-the-car-bombs end of news item on this where he referred to the contestants as transvestites. For fucks sake Anton you lame asshole get it together.

Anyway, a big CHAMPAGNE!!! and $10,000 of poor behaviour awaits Miss Mexico.

Pattaya, Thailand. It could have been a Japanese samurai, an Italian gladiator or an Egyptian pharaoh — but they were no match for Mexico’s Erica Andrews, the world’s new transsexual beauty queen.

Andrews was named Miss International Queen 2006 here late Saturday night, besting 23 of the world’s most beautiful transsexuals who had come from as far as Egypt and Australia to vie for the diamante crown.

Her slinky low-cut red gown and resemblance to a 1920s starlet finally carried the day, putting her past runners-up Patricia Montrecarlo of the Philippines and Thailand’s Ratravee Jiraprapakul.

“This is the most wonderful feeling,” gushed the 38-year-old from atop her throne after receiving $10,000 and the title.

— The Peninsula

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香江大舞台 fragrant river showgirls

There’s a show going on at night at the Wah Fu Estate in West Hong Kong Island that’s open to a select few. Mainland Chinese tourists are swarming to the 香江大舞台 Fragrant River Theatre to watch Thai transsexuals put on a show. EastSouthNorthWest translated this article from The Sun.

More than 20 transsexuals have come from Thailand. They are tall and have been trained in performances. The show lasts more than one hour, including bikini shows, low-cut evening gowns, dancing, singing and comedy acts. The bikini section draws the best reaction, with yells and whistles from the audience. The Thai performers are experienced troupers who know how to lip-sync to Chinese songs and they would go downstage to mingle with the audience, such as sitting down on the laps of the male audience members.

— EastSouthNorthWest

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