apocalypse guangzhou

Paul Emmanuel, Emile Zile and I are having a screening of a bunch of short films of ours on Sunday at Park19, where we are all in residence. We’re showing old and new stuff, Emile’s Holy Cow series, Morloch, Das Butcher Paul’s The End, Psycho, and my Ace of Spades, Reign in Blood (filmed by 16mm-anamorphic-pirate-for-hire Paul Williams), and a bit of hell, along with other pieces of smut, pornography, poor taste and ill-judged attempts at art. And we’re following this with talking if you ask questions, otherwise it’s on to the main feature, a double-bill of Apocalypse Now and The Cockettes.

Frances, Paul and Emile would like to invite you to an evening of video at Park 19.

Apocalypse Guangzhou
New and old video and film from Emile Zile, Frances d’Ath and Paul Emmanuel
地点: 海珠区江南大道南
8楼 PARK19艺术空间
时间: 4月 16日晚7点
联系方式: 020 2228 5151

where: Park19 Artist Studios
8th Floor, 2nd Building
168 Nantai Rd
Jiangnan Dadao Nan
Haizhu District
when: 7:00pm
Sunday 16th April
contact: 020 2228 5151

Apocalypse Guangzhou
+86 1353 9849 666

shunji iwai

Filmmaker Shunji Iwai is having a screening of four of his films in Taipei over the next two weeks. Not included though is his most well-known film, Swallowtail Butterfly, which was unavailable due to distributor problems. More info on the screenings is at POTS, and video of Love Letter and April Story is on the Love Letter.

SHUNJI IWAI is a Japanese film director credited as a major force in bridging the gap between feature-length films and pop culture genres like rock videos and TV commercials in the 1990s, and also as one of the first to depict the nuanced conflicts of contemporary Japanese youth. This Friday (Nov. 12), four of his films will begin a two week run as part of the Shunji Iwai Retrospective, which is actually a mini-retrospective showcasing him at mid-career. Iwai is only 42-years-old.

“He’s a popular director in Taiwan, but so far his films have only appeared as part of film festivals,” said organizer Patrick Huang (黃茂昌), of Flash Forward Entertainment. “This is a good chance to group his films together in theaters for local audiences, and also to promote his new film, Hanna and Alice, which will also play as part of the Golden Horse Film Festival” – which opens later this month.