she’s my man

I started the day with the Scissor Sisters new album, Ta-Dah, and it’s everything I said about the first album. I’m gonna be trashing it on my officially antique iPod mini for the next three weeks. In fact, I need to paint my nails, buy a pair of six inch killers, get a boob job and spend the rest of my life whoring to dirty rockstars, it’s that good.

comfortably numb

Imagine it’s 1987, and you’re like 12 years old, and all the commercial radio stations are playing Elton John and talking about his million dollar birthday party, and then all the clubs are going wild on Chicago House, Frankie Knuckles is GOD, Sylvester is screaming “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real”, every boy looks like a girl and all the boys are kissing other boys and you have sex with a guy for the first time, you sleep late spend all day and half the night getting dressed, don’t go out before midnight and see more dawns from the other side of an endless night, and you wanna be in a band that’s as cool and amazing as your life, then that band would be Scissor Sisters. Just check out their cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb and you will be living the misspent youth you never had all over again.