Invasion Day

235 years of nothing to celebrate. No pride in genocide.

Always was always will be.


Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise

An occasional yet delicious pleasure when an email from Jason Nelson unfurls in my Inbox, he of sydney’s siberia and other digital creatures, and i made this. you play this. we are enemies (which means the last time I got an email from him was three years ago), and now a commission from Turbulence called Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise. I played immediately.

I seldom see Flash on the internet anymore, which adds a sense of the archaic to his work, yet it suits perfectly; I can’t imagine having that same feeling of sublime and crappy if it was all HTML5 (though it might be possible and even look identical). It’s also been a long time since I last looked at his site, so without playing every game of poetry, I think Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise, is his best yet. I ended by walking into a beige void and keeping walking, keeping walking, falling, falling, falling off the screen, nothing. I aspire to make art this good.

kunst and the greens

Three years ago I was so happy to be leaving Australia immediately after the nauseating reelection of that repulsive clique of born-again christians, social conservatives and anti-intellectuals. I’d love to flatter myself that I was prophetic in the eventual outcome of that event, but really it was self-evident. Shame I didn’t stay away, no?

I was going to write about the current disaster in Queensland where the Arts Minister Rod Welford said of his decision to leave funding hanging that it would make “the arts sector more commercial and self-reliant” (actually deserves a post in itself). I was also going to write about AusDance’s call to the Government and Opposition to make clear what they would do for dance. I got sidetracked though.

I was reading Adelaide zine overlord, bicycle frotteur and intellectual Ianto Ware’s blog, Nicht Das Paperkrieg yesterday, where he wonders if the Greens “aren’t just a lefty version of Family First?”, who we’ll end up voting for anyway. I was thinking without Bob Brown, they might just end up another oh-they’re-still-around? party like the Democrats, but … and maybe he rewrote part of this since yesterday because I don’t see it in his entry now, but …

I was really pleasantly surprised and happy to find the Greens have a specific policy for gender identity, and moreover say, The Australian Greens will: establish intersex as a gender recognised by the legal system. For that alone they get my vote.