paul emmanuel is psycho

Paul Emmanuel hooked up with his psychiatrist last night at 新樂園藝術空間 SLY Art Studio to eat some paint and answer some questions. The two got down to it in the back room, Richard in his work clothes asking the screening questions, and Paul on his back, mouth full of paint, dribbling with spit up his nose, breathing like Johnny in The Shining with a camera focussed squarely on his lips, answering. The audience out front got to see his green-yellow teeth in close up on a projection covering one wall and a small speaker to relay mostly his laboured breath and sucking of spit.

There was something quite grotesque and invasive about the whole performance which unsettled some of the audience and had me laughing at the genius of it all. Wilfully resistant to any and all attempts at analysis during the post-performance discussion, Paul and Richard repeatedly evaded having their work reduced to any of the obvious simple interpretations, and countered with some of the most sophisticated critiques of art in the post-modern era.

This has been one of the highlights in a month of non-stop art, and also one of the best comedy routines. See it again today at SLY Art.