welcome to japanese new music festival

I just want to lick something drenched in acid. That’s twice I’ve seen Acid Mothers Temple and my immediate response has been to be quite certain I’m having a cosmic acid flashback, instantly followed by an uncontrollable urge to suck on a tab of my absolutely favourite drug.

Compared to the refined, sit-down concert of Japanese New Music Festival in Zürich, last night’s performance at Windflower was a riot, stadium rock hysteria in a lounge-room bar. Actually they should play in a stadium with 50 foot seismic rumble amp stacks. And we got photos taken with them. How much does that make me a rock slut groupie?

acid mothers temple! guangzhou!

“Welcome to Japanese New Music Festival”

I am officially a groupie, and I’m so excited I can’t even type properly. One of my favourite bands of all time (any band that makes me want to mainline acid and lie on the floor while the amp stacks shake my viscera makes it to my ‘favourite bands of all time’ list), Acid Mothers Temple, that I last saw in Zürich with Cornelia and Emile are coming to Guangzhou. I know this solely because I have been wasting an afternoon doing that very 1997 Netscape4 thing of aimlessly web surfing, and now feel eminently validated for all those years of meaningless bandwidth consumption.

Acid Mothers Temple!!! Japanese New Music Festival!!! Emile arriving on Monday. Paul too! (doesn’t have a website though, possibly not worth mentioning him then as no reverse-link whoring to be gained). Japanese New Music Festival, Friday 7th April, at Windflower or Tang Club (depending on which website you read).

In 1997,1999 and 2003, a set of performances aroused a storm of frenzy and shriek in Europe… and they will go to China with even greater power.

This time 3 musicians (YoshidaTatsuya / Tsuyama Atsushi / Kawabata Makoto) form 7 units!! A cappella, comic free form, progressive core, troubadour, cosmic psychedelic……

you’ll be experiencing the essence of all kinds of extremes in the current new music scene in Japan on a single night.

— Japanese New Music Festival

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A Crab on Uranus Means You’re Loved …

… Or, no talent is no longer enough.

Last night I discovered to my horror I’m alive 30 years too late and on the wrong side of the Pacific. I really should have been in San Francisco in 1970, drinking LSD chasers with my hormones and living with the Cockettes. Divine always was one of the giant influences in my life, ever since she rolled into my life singing “I’m so beautiful”, and eating dog shit … Francine Fishpaw I love you.

And when they pilfered the Beijing Opera’s misplaced touring trunks for costumes and spat out Pearls Over Shanghai, well I just felt like Hibiscus, Divine, Sylvester and every shemale enough bad taste to call herself a shemale had risen from the dead and was Sending Me A Message…

absolutely freak out

Acid Mothers Temple!!! Zubi Zuva X, Akaten, Ruins Alone, Zoffy, Shrinp Wark, Seikazoku!!! Welcome to Japan New Music Festival!!!

Three musicians, seven bands, and one heavy dose of acid at Rote Fabrik, and all over Europe. It was too good to write about and I wish all art could be this good. I bought the CD too. (and photo from Cornelia).

acid mothers temple in zurich

There’s nothing more to say. Acid Mothers Temple are the closest thing I’ve ever heard to sucking on a blotter-sheet of acid.

They’re touring Europe and in Zürich as part of the Japan New Music Festival Europe Tour ver. 4., along with other pieces of genius including Ruins, Akaten, and Shrinp Wark. At Rote Fabrik, on Wednesday 16th November.