a visit to the sex market

South-East Asia’s biggest sex market that is, though I always expected Thailand, or Korea or Japan who have the first three places when it comes to matters of size, located off 战前路 Zhanqian Lu, near the main station, and like all main stations in all cities I’ve been, the part of town I have a mental border around labeled ‘dodgy’, though that is not the word that springs to mind to describe a meter high fat, erect schlong radiating a smutty deep orange glow.

Really I didn’t know whether to choose the walls of full-leather masks, ball-gags, restraints, harnesses and designer ropes, or the shelves of 20cm high manga-porno models, or the endless fields of dildos, vibrators, plugs, jelly-vibrating-crustations, things to insert into other things… So I settled on Orgaster! super vibration!, something about skinship scandal g-spot pornography? Is this turning into one of those sex-spam blogs? The other option was a poster of 鄧小平 Deng Xiaoping.

narcoleptic shemale attempts blog…

It started with Hanzi Smatter‘s year-old piece on someone who’d got tattooed on their neck, which might mean “charming” in Japanese on occasion, but is more likely to mean something more demonic, like “goblin, devil, monster”, and is mostly seen in combination with , as in人妖 or 变性人妖, both of which mean transsexual. Halfway through the comments, ‘right-on-tranny’ comes in with the yawn about how 人妖 is akin to ‘shemale’, or ‘chick-with-a-dick’ and that feels quite safe to say that the ‘vast majority of transsexual and transgendered women’ find these terms ‘exceedingly offensive’, backing it up with a boring and earnest page of tranny terms explained. Personally, I like tranny coz it’s alot quicker to type, and while I appreciate not being burned at the stake or dragged behind a horse, I don’t really feel part of a movement that’s emerging from the shadows. Maybe this is an American thing…

And though it’s very out-of-date, I’m not sure how Transsexual Seeks Mate Online is news unless the meta-narrative of “see how the exotic oriental dwarfs are beginning to enjoy the same freedoms we in the enlightened English-speaking Empire do” is the true subtext. I mean for fuck’s sake, trannys and internet go hand-in-hand, even besides the debt we all owe to internet porn for such joys as password-protected sites and internet banking, places like URNotALone has the whole ecosystem of girls, M2F, admirers, chasers in China going on like a bomb.

Speaking of porn, somehow all of that lead to this: Pornographic Film and Video: Transsexual, on qlbtq, kinda worth a read about a cultural theory perspective on tranny porn, but somehow it makes it all boring and not as fun as Buck and Allanah, though I’ll settle for an Almodovar-esque tranny flick like 20 Centímetros … actually anyone who knows me might think “A narcoleptic transvestite who yearns to become a transsexual dreams up elaborate musical numbers in which she’s the star” is all about me.

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buck angel – i’m old greg … i got something to show you …

Buck Angel is a sex pig. I thought so last year when he and Allanah Starr made shemale porn spectacular, Allanah Starr’s Big Boob Adventures, and I still think he makes the world a better place just by waking up every morning. Queerty had an interview with him a couple of days ago, on life with a mangina and making gay clown porn.

We loved Cirque Noir. What has been the reaction to it from fans? From the gay porn industry?
Thanks! Well, the reaction has been phenomenal! It is really causing a stir. I’ll be at the GayVN awards in Los Angeles next month with the Titan crew.

I have received a huge amount of fan mail from guys who have seen the movie. It is great because these guys are writing to me saying I’m the sexiest man they’ve ever seen and that they do not desire to be sexual with women, but they want to fuck MY man pussy. They wonder if it makes them bi or straight because they want to fuck me. Well, no, it definitely doesn’t make them straight, because I’m a man. I’m really making people rethink gender and sexuality, which is cool.

— queerty

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sex porn art casting shock ban!

I think I’m becoming a one-trick whore for we-make-money-not-art, because all I seem to do right now is read them and think, “aw! fully sick!” and then blog about it… Anyway, excellent performance art disturbances from Shu-Lea Cheang that kinda remind me of my plans for Guangzhou, and make me dizzy with glee , and wonder just how quickly we could get booted out of China for disturbing social morals.

In Norway, porn is illegal but the artist nevertheless organised a porn casting session inside a tent (images) for her Fluid project.

The casting was cancelled by law and the tent never finished. She was threatened to get a huge fine if she persisted and the curator of the festival would have run into troubles as well. But the press loved the story and wrote about it in a sensationalist way: “Sex tent” at music festival stirs debate, Music festival pulls plug on live sex film, etc. The misadventure also caused much debate in Norway about the censorship of art projects.

— we-make-money-not-art

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buck & allanah – the universe makes sense

I think this entry is gonna generate huge quantities of spam, considering just how much people like coming here for this sort of stuff. But anyway, mixing together all my favourite things in a porno flick that would send Judith Butler into raptures and probably re-write Gender Trouble putting the pair next to Divine for services towards gender-as-performance, courtesy the Village Voice it’s the Buck Angel and Allanah Starr show. I just wish I could make art this good.

If you’re thinking that everyone’s comments sound more political than those you hear on the set of a typical porn production, you’re right. Everyone involved is keenly aware that they are in new, important territory. During the filming of the scene, Starr revealed to Angel that she’s a “chick with a dick” (her words) by whipping out her cock from beneath a lacy short skirt. In turn, Angel dropped trou to show her his cunt . The cameraman, who has shot hundreds of skin flicks, was visibly stunned. “Wow,” he said as he moved in with his camera to get a closer shot. “Wow. That’s a first for me.” It was as though he couldn’t believe what was right in front of him: a butch, tough, muscled, tattooed guy with a handlebar moustache and a shaved pussy. His eyes adjusted, and he panned over to Starr’s cock, by then standing at attention. Without the least bit of sarcasm, he said quietly, “Believe it or not, the universe now makes sense.”

— Village Voice

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天邊一朵雲 – The Wayward Cloud

Taiwan film-maker 蔡明亮 Tsai Ming-liang’s porn musical 天邊一朵雲 – The Wayward Cloud opened un-cut though with an adult rating in Taiwan a couple of weeks ago, pulling a hot weekend total of NT$7 million. The film earlier had won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for outstanding artistic contribution. But who cares, we just want to see the all-singing all-dancing blow-jobs.

“Some people say I seem to enjoy provoking my audience,”Tsai said in his cluttered studio in a suburb of Taipei.

“To me, being provoked is also a reaction. I want them to respond to my movies. Either they are provoked, moved, feel uncomfortable or relieved,”

“I don’t want them to feel just entertained or relaxed like they watch most movies and don’t even remember which one they saw yesterday,”said Tsai, sitting in front of a giant pink poster featuring the film’s controversial oral sex scene.

— Screen India

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