frances without laptop

Avoiding bringing home my laptop means time for fun things like staring at walls, lying in bed, rolling over, looking out the window, reading, eating, eating, eating … and playing with camera phone.

Camera phone lives my phone that when I leave on for too long starts doing … odd things. Usually crash-y odd things while writing text messages, occasionally ugly-to-see odd things when the gui goes from expensive pixel design to jaggy blob land. Now I discovered beautiful art odd things when I take photos while it’s upset.

Naturally it doesn’t tell me it’s upset until they’re on my laptop and … the moment has passed. These were supposed to be me lying in bed, I have a collection of them from beds around the world. These are particularly memorable.

geek gadgetry

The big purchase of the last few months was made last night in Mouse St, home to a hundred mobile phone shops, and above the best mall in town. I’ve been wanting to buy a new phone for about a year. My old one, with three lines of text, black on backlit green and absolutely none of the features anyone should be seen without, was just looking embarrassing, as well as being hideously slow.

So, with a couple of necessities in mind – Bluetooth, Calendar and maybe a camera and MP3 player, 3G would be nice, but I can live without it for a bit – I went shopping. Two days of it, and at the end, finding the one that would do it all was almost top-of-the-range and a bit more than I planned to spend, I thought, well hey, I don’t have to buy a new digital camera anymore, having just been given one, and made my credit card squeal like the little pig it is.

So, please welcome to the pantheon of Frances’ many pieces of spooky electronica a Sony Ericsson K700c, and a Pentax Optio S40. The ‘c’ in the phone makes it China-localised so I can do good shit like enter hanzi with pinyin. Now I just need to buy an iPod and an electronic translator and my bag will be over the carry-on luggage limit.