Bunjilaka Melbourne Museum: Bush Mechanics — Ngapa Car 1972 Ford ZF Fairlane

Second whip from Melbourne Museum Bunjilaka Bush Mechanics exhibition. I am very in love with this hoonage.

This 1972 Ford ZF Fairlane was painted with a ngapa Jukurrpa (water creation story) design by Thomas Jangala Rice.


Bunjilaka Melbourne Museum: Bush Mechanics — Claymation

More from Melbourne Museum Bunjilaka Bush Mechanics exhibition. Which was smaller than I expected. I was hoping for acres of hoonage, but these are working cars for people who need to travel the outback without a local parts shop to buy slammed and stance at.

In 2015 Pintubi Amatjere Warlpiri Media produced a claymation based on the earlier Bush Mechanics. Some of the original cast members have died, so the live action episodes cannot be viewed by many, as representations of the dead and even the use of their names are forbidden in their home communities. This practice is common in many Aboriginal cultures. The award-winning claymation allowed Bush Mechanics to return to Yuendumu.


Bunjilaka Melbourne Museum: Bush Mechanics — 1962/3 Holden EJ Special Station Sedan

Museuming! Hectic run across town trying to remember public transport and speed-walking up to Carlton Gardens, past the Exhibition Building and into Melbourne Museum Bunjilaka for HOONAGE! Fucked if I’m leaving Naarm without witnessing sick wrenching of Bush Mechanics. This is Motorcar Ngutju, salvaged by the Bush Mechanics from the Police compound in Yuendumu and driven to Willowra in the first episode of the series. See man driving a Outback Whip.

陽明山國家公園 yangming shan

Today I went to 陽明山國家公園 Yangming Shan National Park, a 1/2 hour scooter ride up into the hills north of Taipei. The weather was perfect. Just above zero, windy, the clouds rolling in a wall of heavy mist bringing visibility down to around 10 meters and saturating everything. Besides a blizzard, what more could you ask for?

We got there too late to do the three hour walk to the summit, though the thought of getting caught after dark in such weather made me want to go anyway. Instead we opted for a quick run up 5000 or so steps to 七星公園 Qixing Gongyuan. The weather had scared off everyone except a small stream of old people, and by the time we reached the top we were alone, shrouded in impenetrable mist and wind blowing the coarse long grass flat.

in the mountains

I spent the weekend in Taizhong with Shang-ping, one of the artists in residence at the Taipei Artist Village. His house on the outskirts of town with a backyard that became bush as it crawled up the hills reminded me of the villas around Salzburg. We spent Saturday night with a house-full of old friends and their children, eating and drinking, and yesterday drove into the hills, first up into the mountains above Bihu, a long jade-green lake, and then back down to Sun Moon Lake, the Monaco of Taiwan. But the best thing was sitting in sheep-filled fields above Bihu, the sky clear blue, and the mountains dusted in snow.