Shanghai to Mongolia via Mir

Reblogging again, this time combining a some of my disparate loves. Astronaut Shannon Lucid, like writer J. G. Ballard has had one of lives that is so far removed from the ordinary. I’m really only blogging this post from Science Blog because there’s something about her life, from being born in Shanghai to spending most of a year on the Russian space station Mir that embodies something of the glorious strangeness of being human.

For Lucid, the trip will bring back memories of her unique childhood upbringing. As an infant, in 1943, during the height of World War II, Shannon was held captive along with her parents, aunts and uncle, and grandparents, by the Japanese Army in Shanghai’s Chapei Civil Assembly Center prison camp. Shannon learned to walk in early 1944 onboard the Swedish ship Gripsholm, the world’s first transatlantic motorship, which transferred Shannon and her parents back to the United States as part of a peaceful exchange of noncombatant citizens of the warfaring nations. The Gripsholm made its way back to the U.S. via India and South Africa. While in port in Johannesburg, Shannon received her first pair of shoes.

— Science Blog

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