yeah … i know

I go away from the internet for two days, and what happens? The world goes mental. Apple’s (no longer Apple Computer inc) iPhone is – besides its not so mega-mega sub-10 gig hard drive – one of the two most profound consumer technology inventions of this decade. The other is the iPod.

That it’s also running OSX, and the apps are full-size iApps, a totally touchscreen interface, AirPort … all the stuff I’ve wanted in a single thing for ages. By the time I can afford it, the drive will be big enough to store all my mp3s, and it’ll be 3G.

burning churches – the spirit of christmas

rrraaaaghgghghgghhhhh!!!! etc.

Sunday afternoon, plusplus destruction of language followed by the invention of the Hexadecimal Kickdrum (successor to the Double and Triple Kickdrums, and friend of ∞-n Kickdrum), followed by two-part harmonies of Morbid Angel (more like haaaargh!monies :snort:) … “Ghouls attack the church / Crush the holy priest”. No satanic pigeon squads of bedlam though. Cheese? Of course! (Ghouls! Attract the cheese!). Hello? Hello? GHRAGH!! Yes, afternoon tea with Emile.

So it was a big waah! moment today when Southern Lord Records said “see all our music online now!“, as in Sunn 0))), Abruptum, Urgehal (as in satanic Norwegian black metal), 80s thrash-metal crossover punks Clown Alley, Boris, Khanate, and Goatsnake! It’s like a Southern Lord compilation album free to download now. 29 tracks. Drool. Slurp. My iPod’s going to take a beating later.

angel of death meets C64 & NES

Most people who know me a bit understand I love metal. In all it’s forms, from the original heavy stuff of Sabbath and Motörhead, through the crossover decade of speed metal when I was confused if I should like Slayer, coz they sounded awesome, but weren’t punk, and DRI who are the hugely unacknowledged missing link, all the way to this year’s introduction by Emile Zile (who has a birthday tomorrow) of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Sunn O))), like Depeche Mode say, “I just can’t get enough”. harhar.

And it was Emile again, when we did a sharing of blogs we read, who turned me on to { { { { – – Sky Noise — >>>, who became a daily read in mere seconds, and is one of my favourite sites of computer/art/technology/stuff. (Emile and I have talked about the flabbiness of the term “new media arts” that through its attempts to be all-inclusive becomes both meaningless and exclusionary).

The point to all this is today there was a meeting of some of my favourite things, Slayer covers using C64 & NES, available for download in juicy MP3 goodness.

176*144 – performance art for 3G phones

My next project in Taipei is performance 3G mobile phones. With Big Brother in Australia getting on the bandwagon with late-night streaming to the video phones, I thought it was time for some art to sneak in like a theif in the night.

176*144 is a very simple project. Artists, choreographers, filmmakers send in short videos and anyone with a 3G handset can download it to their phone from the website and send it to their friends. The perfect way to see art on the subway in the evening

Currently the project is still being put together (video isn’t all up yet), and is going to be part of an exhibition at the 台北國際藝術村 Taipei Artist Village in January next year. So far, thanks to the joy of internet, there are artists from China, Australia, America, and Germany, with more to follow from several other countries in the coming weeks. Wanna put your own work in? email me.