slow southern steel

Waking up without coffee at the moment, and of course breakfast reading starts with Ideologic, and so I find myself late leaving as I watch the 2 minutes and 9 seconds of Slow Southern Steel over and over. Oh this is a film I want to see. Metal south of the Mason Dixon line, southern trash, Weedeater, Dixie Witch… more! more!

relationship of command

I have been totally thrashing this album for the last few days, in-between mainlining Southern Lord and in the spirit of blog-or-crawl-up-and-snivel, I’m blogging it. Did I miss At the Drive-In the first time around? It seems kinda improbable, because I was living with at least one person whose idea of a dirty weekend was coming home with pre-releases of Sub Pop, and seemed to always know the next cool band months before anyone else, pulling vinyl Mudhoney out of a brown paper bag … oh selective memory …

But now, Relationship of Command is just a phenomenal album, I’ve played it at least four times today, and I’m fucking screaming. I love it when music does that to me, it sometimes seems like that’s the thing you do when you’re fifteen and then, I dunno, get mature or something, and lose the whole, “So what are you listening to?” record collection friendships. How did I miss this band? Anyway if you see me walking around, grab one of my headphones (of my amazing dropped-from-1.5-meters-bouncing-iPod which I fixed the then busted scroll wheel by dropping it the opposite way) and scream along. I hope music never stops doing this to me.

第三现场 livehome3 rock out for 3 nights

Last weekend it was the first punk/metal/hardcore festival in Hong Kong, this week it’s three nights of action in 广州 Guangzhou. The gang at 第三现场 di san xianchang livehome3 are taking over 二沙岛, er sha dao, island home in the 株江 Zhu Jiang Pearl River of foreigners who want to pretend they aren’t living in China. Three nights of the dirtiest rockers in the city making evil noise from Thursday next to the 广东美术馆 Guangdong Meishu Guan Guangdong Museum of Art, including CO2, Departing Cross, DJ Shadow(no, not that one) and a bunch of others. And while Reflector who rocked out in Hong Kong might not be there, the forum they started recently is full of busy little worker bees.

香港首次 Punk-Hardcore-Metal 音樂節

Hong Kong’s first punk hardcore music festival is on May 09: 香港首次 Punk-Hardcore-Metal 音樂節

Rockers King Ly Chee from Hong Kong are organising the day, and Beijing punks Reflector, on a southern tour including Shenzhen will be playing, along with a bunch of other HK bands, and a BBQ, skateboarding…


Its our time…its our time to take control of music in HK. We HAVE to make things happen ourselves…this show is dedicated to ALL those in HK who passionately love punk rock, hardcore and all types of metal music. The amount of people that listen to these types of music are already SO FEW, why not try to get everyone together and help each other? Let everyone know who you are and that you TOO believe in this music and the message…it’ll be an ALL day festival with the main purpose of letting people have a chance to get to know each other! All the bands will be hanging out all day so come on out to HK’s first underground punk, hardcore metal festival that features some of the greatest HK underground bands as well as China’s BEST-HUMBLEST-and most insane punk rock band Reflector!!! For more information on ANY of the above bands please go over to our LINKS section – to check out Reflector’s videos and music just click on their name above!!!

We’ll see you there – this day will go down in history as the FIRST of hopefully MANY MANY punk/hardcore/metal festivals in the coming years…