Black, Gay, Country Rapper

This combination of words will never not be beautiful and will always give me a deep sense of joy and hope. Also, Billy Ray Cyrus. Can’t nobody tell me nothin’.


Tabor DICE Sky

Very tardy here. Mid-afternoon on day 1 of DICE Conference / Festival back on the last day of October. Coming out of Taborkirche into the cold sun and a jet leaving a straight line of contrail across the blue.

Sudan Archives @ Säälchen

Holding a packed house for an hour on her own. Deep autumn full moon energy, chest-vibrating bass, got a headache today for opening myself to that sikk offering.

(Wildly overpriced tickets and watery drinks, tho. And would have loved to have seen her in Neukölln or Wedding rather than Mitte, that power in those ends.)

SUNN O))) @ Volksbühne/Prater

SUNN O))) @ Volksbühne/Prater
Berlin, Berlin
Sunday, May 24 2009, 8:00 PM

— ideologic

So. 24.05.2009, 20:00 Uhr Volksbühne im Prater

STEPHEN O’MALLEY, der Doyen des Drone Doom, stattet am 24. Mai gemeinsam mit seinem Kollegen GREG ANDERSON als SUNN O))) dem temporären Ausweichquartier der Volksbühne einen Besuch ab. Da sich das auf niedrigsten Frequenzen angesiedelte Gitarrenbrummen, seit jeher das unkaputtbare Markenzeichen dieser ebenso verehrten wie weithin gefürchteten Band, tief ins Mauerwerk noch jedes Veranstaltungsortes einzufräsen pflegt, bittet die Musikbühne alle Interessenten inständig, die im Spielplan angekündigte Anfangszeit von 20 Uhr unbedingt ernst zu nehmen. Es gibt einfach Konzerte, die vor der magischen Zeitgrenze von 22 Uhr beendet sein sollten.

Stephen O’Malley MySpace

— Volksbühne Berlin

… uhhh… speechless…


One big sadness at leaving Melbourne is missing Sunn0))) and boris vibrating organs and viscera at the Hi-Fi Bar on May 9th. I’m really, really not happy. And now they are doing a special performance with bits of Goatsnake, Burial Chamber Trio, Khanate and Striborg. It’s a black night of DOOOOM!!!! (Last time I screamed. This time I cried.)

0))) with Striborg!!!!!


GREG ANDERSON (of Sunn 0))), Goatsnake, Burial Chamber Trio)
STEPHEN O’MALLEY (of Sunn 0))), KTL, Khanate, Gravetemple)
OREN AMBARCHI (of Touch records, Gravetemple, Burial Chamber Trio)
ATTILA CSIHAR (of Mayhem, Tormentor, Aborym, Gravetemple, Burial Chamber Trio)

Tuesday 8th May 2007
The Toff in Town

As you will know, US doom-drone behemoth SUNN 0))) will be performing a HUGE must-see show together with Japanese monsters BORIS at the Hi-fi Bar on Wednesday 9th May. However we are pleased to announce a Melbourne-only intimate ‘improv’ show that will include collaborations with members of black metal legends Mayhem and Striborg! This show will be completely different to the Hi-fi show and strictly limited to capacity at Melbourne’s newest venue The Toff in Town on Tuesday 8th May

This ritual will feature the first public appearance of Tasmania’s Sin Nanna aka STRIBORG, making a special & rare live collaboration with Attila Csihar, (legendary vocalist of Mayhem), Aussie avant-maverick Oren Ambarchi, and Greg Anderson & Stephen O’Malley of Sunn 0))). Blackened low-end psychedelics not for the faint hearted – a one-time event not to be missed!!!

Unearthly ritual with strictly limited capacity. You can pre-purchase tickets to avoid disappointment from The Toff in Town, Metropolis Bookstore, Polyester Records and the Corner Box Office – phone: 9427 9198 or on-line: Tickets on sale Thursday 26th April. Pre-sale tickets: + bf / on the door if available.

The Toff in Town
Level 2, Curtin House
252 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9639 8770

— Southern Lord Records

soft sculpt adelaide

It’s Adelaide Fringe time, so Gypsy Wood is sitting in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, and every dancer in town is performing this week, and not a few of musicians. That includes Michael Carter, Deon Hastie, and Gala Moody, who will be the subject of another blog post in a couple of minutes.

soft sculpt
Presented Bypazzia contemporary performing collective

3 unique shows: see them all! for further information go to

tickets available from fringetix or online by clicking here

announcing our hot performer listing:

gala moody, leigh warren dancers
deon hastie, leigh warren dancers
krinkl theatre, puppetry and object animation (nsw)
meghann jones, jamfactory resident artisan
michael carter, australian ballet
miranda hill, melbourne symphony orchestra (vic)
damien ralphs, kurruru indigenous youth performing arts

janet anderson, adelaide symphony orchestra
sarah mccarthy, adelaide symphony orchestra
heather lloyd, adelaide symphony orchestra
gemma phillips, adelaide symphony orchestra

kelly lovelady, artistic director (montreal)
stephanie kabanyana, director of operations
vanessa vance, director of finance and administration (wa)

— pazzia contemporary performing collective

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sunn 0))) destroy asia … with Boris!!!!!

I screamed.

sunn 0))) upcoming axtions!!!

sunn 0))) will be doing our first shows of 2007 overseas. Below are the basic details and dates. Tix for the Australia and Japan dates WITH BORIS(!!!!!) are on sale now and selling fast!

March 18th – Bergen Cathedral, Bergen
(Lineup: Anderson, SOMA, Ambarchi, Csihar, Steve Moore,TOS, Lasse Marhaug)

(Lineup: Anderson, SOMA, Ambarchi, Csihar, TOS)

May 3 – Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth
May 5 – The Columbian, Brisbane
May 6 – Factory Theatre, Sydney
May 9 – HiFi Bar, Melbourne
May 13 – Lots, Niigata, Niigata
May 16 – Quattro, Nagoya, Aichi
May 17 – Quattro, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
May 20 – Citta, Kawasaki, Kanagaw

— Southern Lord Records

little bar in chengdu

This was another on of those things I read a while ago and it’s been sitting in my ‘please write about me’ folder ever since. So it’s not news. But you don’t come here for news anyway. Little Bar in Chengdu is what Melbourne has hundreds of. Small bars down weird dead-end alleys playing the best music years before anyone hears about it. China is still catching up despite a huge punk scene in Wuhan and other scenes across the country. And the international beer-chicks ain’t adding anything worthwhile to it when the local beer costs 2 kuai and tastes better. But here’s a piece that manages to cover the strange scene in China.

The first shot they see is a row of 8s –signifying the eighth birthday of the Little Bar –the underground Mecca of these parts. On the left is yet another yellow banner with markers dangling from strings inviting the guests to leave their mark. After the obligatory signature and doodle comes the photo gallery: 100+ visual representations of the hearts and souls of the kids that make up the underground music and art scene of this city. Long-haired and screaming, buzzed and tattooed, pierced and cool –all have their piece of the wall.

The next floor is given over totally to five women artists –three painters and two sculptors. The paintings show scarred and bruised female bodies, sweet huge-eyed princesses, and the caprice of a drop of rain. The sculptures are wild iron boats and stone monoliths…

The third and top floor is humming in anticipation of the night’s events. Cameramen and girls mill about as the bands check the speakers, let blast, and light up smokes. The sun filters through tobacco and weed smoke, and two very young girls sell beer, T-shirts, and CDs.

— Anti-War

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