gala goes to danceweb

I’m not sure if I should blab this everywhere, but I found out yesterday my dear friend and regular partner in crimes against dance, Gala Moody is off to Vienna in July for DanceWEB 2007 at the ImPulsTanz Festival. So …


Oh god, I had one of the craziest six weeks of my life there, from getting funding to go less than two days before I had to be there, to a hellish 36 hour flight, turning up stunned by jetlag and walking straight into La La La Human Steps … The workshops, the performances, the parties … the kitchen! Oh yes! Breakfast, midnight, all manner of times, the kitchen is the centre of the universe. And some amazing, amazing people who have become friends for life: Ivo Dimchev, Lauren Slater, Anna Tenta. DanceWEB is to live in paradise. I’m so happy you’re going, Gala. (I should probably stop building it up so much, for when I see you in Europe and you say, “wow, I thought it was going to be … like … so much better …” … probably should have found a better photo too …)