the r, thank you, golden duet

A couple of days ago I caught up with my dear strange friend Ivo Dimchev, who was one of the most memorable kitchen denizens from DanceWEB in 2003. He’s just premiered three new performances in Hungary, The R, Thank you, and Golden Duet, and I thought the photos were so beautiful and delirious I should really blog them.

Ladies First!

Hungarian choreographer and dancer Marta Ladjanszki is premiering her newest dance theatre piece, Ladies First! in Trafo (Budapest) on the 23rd and 24th of March. More info on her website,

Marta Ladjanszki

Marta is a dancer and choreographer I met last year in Vienna at DanceWEB. On the final day after six insane weeks of living in each other’s lives, heads, bedrooms, we had one final performance for each other, the carte de depart. Marta was the one one who performed naked.

She emailed me yesterday, and has just launched her own website, which is very beautiful and shows off the scene in Hungary where she is based.