Eine choreografische LeseVerbindung

Late-2012, I helped Dasniya and Hartmut Fischer with the video for their performance, Die Liebe und ihr Gegenteil oder Mädchenmörder Brunke – Eine choreografische LeseVerbindung. Some of this was collecting their own video of rehearsals, some was joining them on trips around Berlin by ferry or Ring-Bahn, and some was cutting it all together. The performance happened first in Tübingen at Club Voltaire, then again in a different form in Berlin at the Club der polnischen Versager. Hartmut had the unpublished manuscripts of Thomas Brasch, a Jewish Berlin playwright, writer, and director, which are what appear tied up and suspended in the middle part of the video. The first part is Dasniya and Hartmut organising the papers, which arrived as an unsorted mass in an old suitcase. The third part, on the Spree ferry goes past where Brasch used to live in Mitte when it was East Berlin. Finally, we three went on a ride on the S-Bahn, arriving at Ostkreuz just as the sun was setting. It’s not an especially spectacular piece of video, but it does represent – or document – a period of my life in Berlin, as well as parts of the city of Berlin itself. Mostly it’s silent.

xyz meduse à trois & miscellaneous new things…


We had our first proper meeting for a performance named by Dasniya, xyz meduse à trois this evening, the three of us (Hartmut also) eating Tim Tams and talking through what’s possible and various logistics for the piece that’s being produced by and performed at Gassensensationen Internationales Straßentheaterfestival Heppenheim in early July. Along with the travelling for that, Dasniya and I also sod off to Majorca next week for the beginnings of a piece with Le collectif de la Dernière Tangente from Geneva. And other most excellent things about which I shall remain schtum for the moment.