green card

Something I could really have done with last time I was in China to avoid the regular visits to the local police, tours of the city to their headquarters and endless bizarre paper-shuffling, queueing and time-wasting which resulted in a quasi-resident status was one of these:

China is granting some foreigners permanent residence in the country with a “green card,” a credit card-sized photo ID that was revealed to the public at a press conference here Friday.

Holding the sample card in hand, Hao Chiyong, a spokesman for Ministry of Public Security said China’s first Regulations on Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Aliens has been approved by the State Council and is effective as of August 15.


Obtaining a green card means that aliens with permanent resident status in China do not need to obtain visas and can enter and leave the country with their valid passport and Alien Permanent Residence Permits.

Cui Zhikun, director of the exit-entry administration of the Ministry of Public Security, said after their permanent residence applications are approved, foreigners face no restrictions in choosing their jobs and living areas.