As I was saying, arriving back from Majorca, I went mental updating my old and much-loved website, (where I entertain delusions of choreography). As with Dasniya’s site, it wasn’t much of adding new things or changing the design, I’m quite partial the look, and have a fondness for Anonymous Pro which I think is one of the nicest monospace typefaces around. So once again, it was cutting through the undergrowth, updating stuff, kind of an anti-ageing process.

Ditching WPAlchemy for Advanced Custom Fields, updating to FlowPlayer 5, swapping all the text, images, video over to those, rewriting the templates, messing around with ways of loading web fonts without ugliness, hmm what else? Adding Apocalypse PRD (even though it was not such a good work, but the poster was quite spectacular, and Emile in Canton Opera demon attire!), adding other stuff (should really replace some of the background images …)

Oh! Yes, video! I’ve been using Flowplayer for ages, since whenever I first tried to find non-Flash video players (video on the internet, despite YouTube and Vimeo and the rest, is a nightmarish horror in inverse proportion to set up as it is a joy to watch), and while for a while I went over to mediaelement.js when HTML5 video became supported enough for me to say, “Sod off!” to browsers that couldn’t handle it – and mediaelements is still my default a lot of the time (it’s light, easy to set up, and is now in WordPress Core; as well, I’ve always liked it) – when FlowPlayer finally made the transition to HTML5 video … drool on floor. Slo-mo and fast-forward, default support for skipping through the timeline, works on Android and iOS … playlists! Actually it was the last one that was important for me, because I’d always had the video as a playlist, and making an ACF {/FlowPlayer playlist in WordPress was mainly what I wanted to do.

So now, I just need to choreograph some new work, no?

Messing around on

I’ve been amusing myself the last day, not that I remember what set it off, but probably something to do with Flowplayer, which has been one of my two video players of adoration for years, which had updated a while ago to make all the html5 excitement work, and has been using a veeery old version, as well as even having video in *cough* Flash format. And me liking to play with new code, and not wanting to have that site grow crapulous, spent a quick bit of time one it.

Quick being about a day and an half. First I had to swap all the old custom fields code from outdated plugins (sadly departing from WPAlchemy), then get it working with the new (yay (etc)! ACF), then get Flowplayer 5 working with playlists (much mashing ‘return’ until things spluttered into existence, somehow failed to get the JavaScript method working), then playing with all the new methods … yawn, there goes a day … Then deciding I should re-encode the video to whatever format will be outdated in a year or two, and then deciding to add some new pages and videos of old projects … and finally going through all the templates and html5-ising them, cleaning up junk … hopefully it all works. (It did remind me I need to make some new work also.)


… and I forgot. Again.

Nonetheless, nine years ago on the 7th of April 2004, I wrote my first post here (yup, both I and my blog are old). Happy birthday, 生日快乐, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag supernaut!

(And I bought a new battery for my laptop, wow but they’re expensive!)


Unlooping Un-Shibari

A couple of nights ago, Dasniya decided she would take the looping method to a self-evident continuation. Looping occurred some time last year when we were both amusing ourselves with dismantling shibari, and Dasniya began pulling loops – that is, the bight of a rope – of single rope around a folded leg, knee, ankle, foot, and then found if it was done in the right way, you could just pull the remaining end and it would all unravel. Basically a convoluted rope chain.

So once this began colonising across a body with accompanying messy tying, and all the other atypical shibari, it became a matter of time before something like this happened. Quite a few ropes, half an hour of tying (I had a book to keep myself amused for the first ten minutes, and then unexpectedly finished it), miscellaneous additional ropes stuffed in, and as much mess as was considered likely not to ensure failure, then ten minutes to untie by pulling.

(renamed as) mm ∫-1x dt/dv ≥ ⨍(dy:fr:hf)

The last few days, Dasniya, Hartmut and myself had been in another Fabrik, with another mobile gantry. More dust and dirt, grime, rope adventure. We have somewhere new to play. More to talk about also. John Cage makes an appearance.

Yesterday was the opening of nameless, not far from Uferhallen, in an old factory. In darkness later, with lights burning behind glass once more, it felt as if life was returning. The past weeks, nameless, along with many others have been taking advantage of this emptiness … an entire Fabrik, empty! One building – the smallest – with three floors and an attic, the other with four spread along two sides of the yard, then more single-storied buildings including the beautiful, wooden-roofed Embassy Room.

For summer, or at least until September, this will be a place for art, and with their histories in opera, it might be the only artists’ Fabrik of its kind in Berlin where performance is close to the heart.

So we made noise with the gantry – not as fast as the one in Uferhallen, but higher and noisier – and over some days made a thing. We performed this last night, sliding in after the fourth number from Berlin Art Orchestra, who accompanied us for the binding and suspending.

A video might appear soon, until then, a photo.

Also, Dasniya and I, separately and together, and with others will be having workshops, classes and works there. More on this soon, except to say for now, I’ll be teaching yoga in the mornings from later this month, and Dasniya has a Yoga+Bondage workshop on the 28th and 29th.