生日快乐!!! Happy 14th Birthday supernaut! 🤘🎂🎉🔥💥🖤

One day late celebration of supernaut’s 7th April birthday. Supernaut is fully a teenager now, emoji-ing and posting images like she thinks this is Instabang. Emile said supernaut is a life-project now.

blog cleaning progresses


I’ve been avoiding doing the cleaning of several years of posts, but somehow fell into it a couple of days ago, trying a few different approaches to get through the task until I found one that’s methodical, quick, and requires very little brain use. The problem is supernaut existed in a couple of different platforms before WordPress, and there remains (currently from August 2005 to December 2010) a lot of mess and pretty much all the images not properly linked. So I’m working through that, one month at a time, and while it’s certainly not exciting, I am getting to read back over ten years of blogging and my life.


supernaut is ten years old! Double figures! 生日快乐!

Ten years, twelve countries, thirty-ish cities I can remember, 2162 posts, 4405 images and videos, four designs plus quite a few redesigns, masses of recoding … There was no YouTube, definitely no Twitter, MySpace barely existed and people were still using Friendster, FaceBook had started two months previously, so no one was using that, Slashdot was massive, Pirate Bay and BitTorrent were young, 3D printers? nope! Google hadn’t even made Maps, and Gmail was exactly one week old … there was no iPhone or iPad, MacBook Pros were still PowerBook G4s, iPods hadn’t even got a colour screen, WordPress was a month shy of its first birthday and Movable Type was what everyone was using, 56k dialup was the way to go in Australia, where I was living. Sounds like the Dark Ages.

I’m not sure I expected supernaut to last this long, I think the idea of ten years of blogging was far too abstract to entertain then; blogging in itself was about to be told it was going the way of dinosaurs and everyone would soon be podcasting and vlogging instead. Ten years on, and people still have blogs. More people even, blogs everywhere. People who don’t have their own blog have Tumblr or exist entirely on Twitter, or YouTube channels, or WordPress’ own network, or LiveJournal, or on the hundreds of social network sites like Sina Weibo that was launched only five years ago and has half a billion users. Among the people I know though, having your own website for a blog is still pretty rare. Actual websites, not so much, but blogs?

And blogs that have lasted ten years or more? There’s a few blogs on my news feed that have been around since 2004 or earlier, but no more than a few out of currently more than 200. And over the ten years there have been thousands that have come for weeks or months or a couple of years, then gone. A couple of years seems the average for old-age blog death.

And here is supernaut, ten years old! That’s beyond old age, it’s like time travel, like I was born in the Renaissance and didn’t take the hint about pushing up daisies. So, dear supernaut, happy birthday! If I and the internet are around in ten years, I imagine you’ll be here too, and while I can’t yet easily get you drunk or loaded, I intend to do that myself to celebrate.

supernaut … version 1 banner 1, April 2004
supernaut … version 1 banner 1, April 2004
supernaut … version 1 banner 2, January 2005
supernaut … version 1 banner 2, January 2005
supernaut … version 2 layout, January 2005
supernaut … version 2 layout, January 2005
supernaut … version 3 layout, December 2006
supernaut … version 3 layout, December 2006
supernaut … version 3 navigation menu sprite, December 2006
supernaut … version 3 navigation menu sprite, December 2006

Categories & Tags Mayhem (∴ SQL)


I was just about to write on a few things I’m reading – Michel Serres, Black Metal Theory mostly – and suddenly felt an urge to clean up, merge, rename, delete some of the 1300 tags on supernaut, when I noticed something dead weird: some of the tags were simultaneously categories. Much messing around and the inability to edit or change taxonomies caused me to have a look at the database, where I found, horribly, they indeed existed as both. I guess this is either a hangover from the Movable Type port some years ago, or a plugin that didn’t do its job properly around the same time. So I manually deleting 50 or so of these and their relationships. And then did some more merging and renaming. And now I must eat.


As I was saying, arriving back from Majorca, I went mental updating my old and much-loved website, francesdath.info (where I entertain delusions of choreography). As with Dasniya’s site, it wasn’t much of adding new things or changing the design, I’m quite partial the look, and have a fondness for Anonymous Pro which I think is one of the nicest monospace typefaces around. So once again, it was cutting through the undergrowth, updating stuff, kind of an anti-ageing process.

Ditching WPAlchemy for Advanced Custom Fields, updating to FlowPlayer 5, swapping all the text, images, video over to those, rewriting the templates, messing around with ways of loading web fonts without ugliness, hmm what else? Adding Apocalypse PRD (even though it was not such a good work, but the poster was quite spectacular, and Emile in Canton Opera demon attire!), adding other stuff (should really replace some of the background images …)

Oh! Yes, video! I’ve been using Flowplayer for ages, since whenever I first tried to find non-Flash video players (video on the internet, despite YouTube and Vimeo and the rest, is a nightmarish horror in inverse proportion to set up as it is a joy to watch), and while for a while I went over to mediaelement.js when HTML5 video became supported enough for me to say, “Sod off!” to browsers that couldn’t handle it – and mediaelements is still my default a lot of the time (it’s light, easy to set up, and is now in WordPress Core; as well, I’ve always liked it) – when FlowPlayer finally made the transition to HTML5 video … drool on floor. Slo-mo and fast-forward, default support for skipping through the timeline, works on Android and iOS … playlists! Actually it was the last one that was important for me, because I’d always had the video as a playlist, and making an ACF {/FlowPlayer playlist in WordPress was mainly what I wanted to do.

So now, I just need to choreograph some new work, no?

Frances d'Ath Website – Index
Frances d’Ath Website – Index
Frances d'Ath Website – bvg(dy:fr:hf)
Frances d’Ath Website – bvg(dy:fr:hf)
Frances d'Ath Website – Apocalypse PRD
Frances d’Ath Website – Apocalypse PRD
Frances d'Ath Website – Jute Disintegration
Frances d’Ath Website – Jute Disintegration
Frances d'Ath Website – abjection
Frances d’Ath Website – abjection
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Frances d’Ath Website – Photography
Frances d'Ath Website – Video
Frances d’Ath Website – Video