Was it something I said? (or, supernaut blocked in China)

I noticed a few weeks ago that traffic from China was low — single digits low instead of being in the top three countries for visitors. Even then I was fairly certain the cause. Today I was again reminded of this anomaly, so sent a message to a 广州人 who replied almost immediately, “yes, blocked on my end”.

A pity, really. I liked that supernaut was read in China, that all my writings on living there, on culture, politics, artists, dancers, places had some small (tiny) return.

Anyway, here’s a picture of a grass mud horse.

was it something i said?

I have no access to my email at the moment, and erratic access to my websites. Possibly I did something stupid on my computer, or I’ve made it onto the great China blacklist (what took ya so long, you bastards? get back to work!).

In the meantime, I’m off to Zurich on Thursday, have a bunch of applications to finish, and the DVD of my last couple of years poor attempts at making art. It’s like having a retrospective already. And between then and now am going to be occasionally busy. Don’t expect any 8-post wonders like last Wednesday.