nothing left to do but vandalise shit

For a while I go so into playing Halo, and I mean so into it in the end I had to delete the thing from my hard drive. But that didn’t turn me into a xenophobic, steroid-pumped weapons-crazy psychopathic Master Chief, blasting my way across Melbourne … though everything was a bit pixelated after a 16 hour stint …

So now that the Australian Government Classification Review Board has banned Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, not that I’d probably be able to play it anyway on my old PowerBook, I feel unequivocally compelled to download it illegally, and then go around Melbourne tagging stuff.

Ms Maureen Shelley, when questioned on her decision by the ABC’s Lateline, said she didn’t need proof that video games encourage crime—only that she thought they could.

— WikiNews

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