Anyone watching SBS late at night might wonder “what-the-fuck is Connex (or whatever the trains are called now) pushing?” when they see Daniel Crooks’ train rolling across the screen. Welcome to the world of artv. Commissioned for 2004: Australian Culture Now by ACMI and SBS Independant, 16 of Australia’s coolest artists make 30 bumps in programming that have to be the best thing to watch on the box this month. Besides the time-sliced Train no. 6, ex-PLA army artist Guo Jian animates one of his paintings for The Day Before I Went Away. Stay home and watch some tv, or wait until ACMI stream them.

onedotzero in Beijing + Shanghai

China Daily has a piece on onedotzero the festival of digital film making its way to Beijing and Shanghai in the next couple of days, through the cultural Park n Shop of the British Council who manage to bring more art to China than every other country combined. At the same time, the British Beijing Film Festival is on with a bunch of average films that have been available on DVD for ages and represent the bland mainstream of contemporary British cinema, not a UK Larry Clark in sight. The onedotzerofestival schedule isn’t confirmed yet but includes short films, digital animation, developments in gaming, and other work in new media and music video.

onedotzero’s groundbreaking annual festival, returns for the eighth year with ten days of adventures in moving image. the globally acclaimed festival features new forms of moving image across music video, computer gaming cinematics, architecture, motion graphics, new media, feature films and graphic-inflected narrative shorts and documentaries – with a series of panels, presentations, screening programmes and live events. moving image, design, fashion and architecture have been intrinsically connected from the birth of moving image to the present day. onedotzero charts the current creative crossovers and explorations with focused programmes highlighting the excitement of this convergence.