Winter Snow

Up late a few nights ago and the sound outside changed, went that quiet-loud it does when everything’s blanketed with snow and all the tiny sounds get heard. Snow that’s survived a couple of days now. Haven’t had snow like that or a winter this cold for a few years. I’m still sleeping with the balcony door open, letting in that crisp -6° air. I love how the snow forms soft rime up the bricks of the apartment block opposite, reminds me of mixed ice and rock mountain climbing and how long it’s been since I was hanging onto rock with fingers and toes.


Christmas Snow in Neukölln

Waking up at midday after an evening of biking to northern Berlin and back and going on a 3-hour walk. Not celebrating Christmas, just impromptu hangout and wandering the empty dark streets of Pankow, Heinersdorf and Weißensee. Waking up to flurries of fat snow and the air feeling that proper winter way it does when it’s got that cold. Snow melted and gone in minutes.



… with Daniel, Gala and Jörges, and breathtaking Weihnacht decorations, much food, Wieners, drinking… more of the same today.


seasons greetings

A Jesuit missionary named Èdouard de Gex remarked there are two kinds of Satanist, one who genuinely believes in the devil and so by their belief can be saved, as their belief in the infernal is founded upon a counterpoint to their belief in God. Simply put, they are fallen, but not beyond grace. The other maintains only the appearance of debased belief as an atheist mockery of all religion. This latter one is beyond salvation for in their offense to God through their pretense of Satanism, they reveal themselves utterly devoid of faith and have eternally fallen from grace. Funnily enough de Gex believed himself to have been raised from the dead through various Black Rites, and maintains erotic fantasies about putting certain people to the lash, stake and other sundry tools of the late Inquisition.

So in the spirit of all things mocking…