dr sketchy’s anti art school

The divine Gypsy Wood, straight from the Carnival of Unearthy Delights at the Adelaide Fringe is now back in the one real city Australia has, Sydney. She’s back there for the opening of Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School next Tuesday.


Dr Sketchy’s is what happens when cabaret meets art school.It was the little Brooklyn (USA) event that became a movement. Started by artists Molly Crabapple and A.V Phibes.

It is now a 16 country community, with Dr Sketchy’s opening somewhere in the world every week. We have been selected to operate the Sydney and Brisbane Dr Sketchy’s! We have secured the gorgeous ArtHouse hotel in Sydney and burlesque, vaudeville, rockabilly, pin-up and circus artists to pose for us.

At our Dr Sketchy events, you will be able to enjoy a drink,draw / paint, or just sit back and enjoy the live Burlesque entertainment. Our cover charge will be very reasonable, and we will have membership discounts available soon after launch.


Launch Party:
Tues 10th April
Gallery Bar
The ArtHouse Hotel
275 Pitt Street Sydney
$10 guestlist / $15 door
email us to guestlist

Every Tues 630pm:
Attic Bar
The ArtHouse Hotel
275 Pitt Street Sydney
$15 on door (inc free drink)

— Burlesque Ball

the absinthe club & life-size

Two shows from two of my favourite people in Australia, both of whom I’ve had get naked in the name of art. Luke George (Stompin and all-round amazing dancer) is first and last with Life-Size, and Gypsy Wood (Burlesque queen and fashion goddess) is in the middle with The Absinthe Club, all in Melbourne in two weeks.

LIFE-SIZE is a project involving new work in dance, sound and video.
LIFE-SIZE is luke george with kristy ayre luke smiles and martyn coutts.
upcoming performance dates…
___Wed 31 Jan 8:30pm Outpost @ Horse Bizaar Little Londsdale Street, Melbourne
___Friday 9 Feb 7:30pm Development Showing at Chunky Move Studios 111 Sturt Street South Bank, Melbourne

LIFE-SIZE is assisted by the Russell Page Fellowship for Contemporary Dance and maximised by Chunky Move


+61 (0)417 535 456.

— lifesizemeup

Sugartime Presents The Absinth Club

February 2nd and 3rd The Spanish Club Melbourne 59 – Johnston st, Fitzroy.
10th The Gaelic Club, Sydney 64 Devonshire st, Surry Hills
24th The Columbian, Brisbane 14-20 Constance st, Fortitude Valley.

Sugartime Sydney’s Premiere vintage variety show, joins with Green Fairy to bring you the most incredible line-up of Australian burlesque in a sinister spectacular as never seen before!

Featuring over fifty of the most finest performers from three cities pushing the boundaries of illegitimate theatre, don’t miss becoming a member the Absinth Club.

For more ticket info www.sugartime.com.au or www.gypsywood.net

— The Absinthe Club

feasting on flesh

Direct from hanging out with Dita von Teese at some Russian socialite’s party in New York, the delightful Gypsy Wood is in Sydney at the Opera House Studio for Feasting on Flesh. Besides that I love Gypsy very much and know she is a kooky genius, she just looks so hot on the poster. Go and see it if you are in Sydney.

Feasting on Flesh

8 – 18 November
Presenter: The Studio at Sydney Opera House in association with Strut&Fret and The Famous Spiegeltent
Venue: The Studio

Join some of Australia’s foremost circus and physical theatre performers to devour a degustation menu of sautéed acrobatics, macerated music and freshly whipped visual delights.

Mouth-watering morsels of text by word-chefs including Humphrey McQueen, Stephen Sewell and Eddie Perfect will be served against a sumptuous backdrop of ultra-lavish sounds by Triple J feature artist, Gotye.

“Sinister cinematics and feelgood cocktail-bar soundscapes in this collage of noir jazz, French pop and lounge.” Sydney Morning Herald

This will be the most strangely amusing dinner you’ve ever attended. Mop up the gravy of laughter, suck on your funny bones and prepare to be pleased by performing zucchinis.

Here we cater for all tastes, persuasions and perversities, in a night of depravity where Peter Greenaway meets Peter Russell-Clarke.

— Sydney Opera House Studio

gypsy wood: ‘most vain’ for class of 2000

Gypsy danced for me in extermination all of two years ago, and has been begging me for a DVD of the film for the last week. Unfortunately, I’m lazy and she is in Hollywood. She’s now doing the whole burlesque thing that all of us thought, “oh yeah, of course she would be”, and “why didn’t she do it sooner?”, and now even has a website: Gypsy Wood.

And like all my friends who I have seduced into the transfixing void of blogging, she has one of them now too. A blog from Gypsy Wood. She’ll be performing at the New York Burlesque Festival in September. And she really did win the coveted ‘Most Vain’ crown at VCA in 2000.