HA-HA soul stretching exersises

Mad and beautiful genius Ivo Dimtchev has just taken out the Sofia choreography competition, winning two awards – the Jury prize and the Audience award – for HA-Ha soul stretching exersises with the National Arabesque Dance Company. The music was recordings of him screaming with a friend, which was our favourite pastime in Vienna two years ago, which he accompanied badly on piano as co-repetitor. Ivo says, “Actually, it was terrible”.

lili handel

Beautiful psychopath, darling madman and very good friend Ivo Dimtchev is at it again in the bowels of Sofia. His 10 minute work Lili Handel – blood, poetry and music from the white whore’s buduar has stretched out to an hour, and a sell-out season. The only thing that worries me is he might become anaemic from performing it too much. During every show, he sells a bag of his own blood, extracted earlier.