referrer hell

Being quite committed to wasting time, I like to read my referrer logs. Actually, I’ve found some pretty cool websites through that, and it’s kinda nice to see that people and not robots/spiders/scripts are reading me, and occasionally even say something about me. I don’t enjoy however, endless scrolling like Obi-Wan reading the blinding screeds of data on the Death Star that comprises most of my referrer log. Anyone who hangs around their own stats pages will be familiar with all the referrer spammers, so I won’t mention them by name.

My other pet hate is people who think it’s acceptable to link to an image here. I do make a point of using images that are of reasonable web quality, and usually around 600px square and 60-100kb, the kind of size that gets bumped into Google’s ‘medium’ or ‘large’ image sizes, perfect for dragging to my scrapbook, emailing to Emile or Paul, and also perfect for hotlinking. Something that happens when sub-normal intellects trawl Google’s image search, and copy-pastes the image link into their own mediocre presence on the internet. Kinda like someone coming into your house, drinking all your coffee, and in a diuretic spasm, pissing on the carpet on the way out.

So having a spare evening this morning once I got home, drunk, happy, well-fed from an evening of superlative company, I decided to make a mess of my blog by doing nasty things to my .htaccess file. The result of this is that you might not be able this, you might not see any images, nothing has changed, or in the unlikely event that it worked, everything is peachy for you, and referrer spammers and hotlinkers (of whom impulsos are currently the worst offender) are not having a good day. Knowing my coding skills, it’s probably one of the first two.