impulstanz – settlement… (perhaps day 6)

This being the day of my birth… uh… day, AND!!! my second in Vienna. Excellent!!

(AND!!! not getting around to writing this till Wednesday because I went out for drinks and dinner and a small bout of trashing a restaurant (“I can destroy this place in less than one minute…”) with four of the settlement.)

So I decided to do yoga that morning and shuffled through some up and down and stand, sit, upsidedown, lie down, snooze, think positive thoughts, bllrrrrrr…

Then to warm up with everyone, yoga!

Then: Running, circle stuff, martial arts phrases, handshakes, politics (oh, political grandstanding, I mean)… other things? Not sure… The drinks and cheese at special secret café were rather fun, and so bicycle five people four bikes to Taborstaße and Enchiladas and other chicken things. Home late. Hello to Daniel (^-^)


sandrine’s birthday

I was determined to get quite trashed last night and by 10pm, Tara was asking me if I was ready to sleep. I decided to pass out instead. I woke up and have seen everything on video. I have a remarkably steady hand when I’m loaded. Food, eating, friends I love, Adelaide in spring, Sandrine’s birthday.


happy birthday

Or week as it mostly became, an impromptu holiday from dance, much shopping, a haircut and dye from the amazing James at Gang, so now I am a redhead, new makeup to match said hair, a Friday night celebrating Daniel’s birthday where I had to leave early because everyone else was far, far more drunk than myself, and Saturday…

A present for myself buying Harry Potter on my birthday for the – I think – third time. The previous one on the train from Zürich to Vevey for a holiday after SiWiC when I’d just realised I’d be spending the rest of the year in Suisse. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, a lazy afternoon here in Adelaide before another beautiful couple of hours with someone I like … I suppose it’s a date – again, a phonecall from Vienna, then on for an evening at La Boheme. I was thinking how in three quick months here I’ve found a really special group of friends who make this feel like home.

i want more life, fucker!

Bladerunner is about the most influential film for me, I’ve seen in more times than I can recall, usually once a year, and I’ve never grown tired of it. Something I miss though, since the Director’s Cut came out is the original with Deckard’s voiceover, a dirty noir monologue, and all the attendant obscurity. The later version is far less ambiguous, but along with the implication Deckard is himself a replicant, and the coherence of the narrative, I still would love to see that first version again, with all its Kubrick stock footage. And Vangeles … one of the most sublime and appropriate scores ever composed for a film. So, happy birthday today for Bladerunner, 25 years old and still transcendental.

bladerunner – ridley scott
bladerunner – ridley scott

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生日快乐!!! happy 3rd birthday supernaut

Waah! Three years of blogging. How did that happen? Funny it seems more of something to celebrate than my human birthday. So, “gifts of chocolate, love, massages, shoes, or underwear from Agent Provocateur all appreciated.” I’m going to Cape Patterson till Monday night.

a birthday for gabrielle

Today was saying goodbye to another one of the hell pirates. Gabrielle, who has been schlepping around northern New Zealand for the last two weeks blew through town today, picking up Jurij and driving off into the sunset of Little Desert and on to Adelaide. And it is her birthday today too, so after Jurij taught class at Chunky, we pulled on party hats, lit the candles on the cake, and sang happy birthday. So once again I say goodbye to people I really should see more often than once every few years, especially someone like Gabrielle … and I’ll be saying goodbye to a few more in a week. So here are some photos of some of my favourite people in the world.