New Brakes. Cos Bike Deserves Them.

“Hey Frances, whatcha got there?”
“Hey bike, oh, you know, a bikeday present.”
“What’s a bikeday present?”
“Just something I bought for you, like a birthday present.”
“Was it your birthday?”
“I’m not gonna answer that one, bike.”
“So whatcha got there?”
“Brakes. For you.”
“Brakes? For me?”
“Yup. Fukkin’ mayhem set of Avid Shorty Ultimate cantilever brakes. Cos you deserve them.”
“I love you, Frances.”
“I love you, bike.”
“Wanna get drunk and hoon?”
“You know I do.”



supernaut is ten years old! Double figures! 生日快乐!

Ten years, twelve countries, thirty-ish cities I can remember, 2162 posts, 4405 images and videos, four designs plus quite a few redesigns, masses of recoding … There was no YouTube, definitely no Twitter, MySpace barely existed and people were still using Friendster, FaceBook had started two months previously, so no one was using that, Slashdot was massive, Pirate Bay and BitTorrent were young, 3D printers? nope! Google hadn’t even made Maps, and Gmail was exactly one week old … there was no iPhone or iPad, MacBook Pros were still PowerBook G4s, iPods hadn’t even got a colour screen, WordPress was a month shy of its first birthday and Movable Type was what everyone was using, 56k dialup was the way to go in Australia, where I was living. Sounds like the Dark Ages.

I’m not sure I expected supernaut to last this long, I think the idea of ten years of blogging was far too abstract to entertain then; blogging in itself was about to be told it was going the way of dinosaurs and everyone would soon be podcasting and vlogging instead. Ten years on, and people still have blogs. More people even, blogs everywhere. People who don’t have their own blog have Tumblr or exist entirely on Twitter, or YouTube channels, or WordPress’ own network, or LiveJournal, or on the hundreds of social network sites like Sina Weibo that was launched only five years ago and has half a billion users. Among the people I know though, having your own website for a blog is still pretty rare. Actual websites, not so much, but blogs?

And blogs that have lasted ten years or more? There’s a few blogs on my news feed that have been around since 2004 or earlier, but no more than a few out of currently more than 200. And over the ten years there have been thousands that have come for weeks or months or a couple of years, then gone. A couple of years seems the average for old-age blog death.

And here is supernaut, ten years old! That’s beyond old age, it’s like time travel, like I was born in the Renaissance and didn’t take the hint about pushing up daisies. So, dear supernaut, happy birthday! If I and the internet are around in ten years, I imagine you’ll be here too, and while I can’t yet easily get you drunk or loaded, I intend to do that myself to celebrate.


… and I forgot. Again.

Nonetheless, nine years ago on the 7th of April 2004, I wrote my first post here (yup, both I and my blog are old). Happy birthday, 生日快乐, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag supernaut!

(And I bought a new battery for my laptop, wow but they’re expensive!)

ick bin sechs jahre alt (und na logo habe ich vergessen)

Ja, naturlich, immer ein weniger mehr und immer bisschen spät. Habe Ich heute mit Katrin geplaudert, und dann mir ging ein Licht auf… Ja, am April 7te war mein Blog Geburtstag. Sechs jahre alt, fast 1500 Posten, viele viele Fotos, am wenigsten seben Staaten, hier und da, da und dort, toll, geil, extra voll krass…

Happy birthday supernaut, I would give you a big kiss but you are still only ones and zeros but I love you anyway.

Just to remember where supernaut came from…

ick bin fünf jahre alt (und ein wenig mehr)

mmm… ja, so… leider, ich habe nochmal vergaß.

Meine erste Blog Geburtstag in Berlin! Det find’ ick schau. Das war vor zehn Tage, aber nur eine woche darauf habe ich erinnert.

So I shall enjoy my birthday a little belatedly. Ich bin ein säumiger Bloggerin. Versuchen, es wieder gut machen. Nachgrübeln über Schokolade essen.