Unattached No More!

“Yeah, I know Frances, it’s awfully ‘precise’ of me. Can we just leave aside that conversation for now and enjoy some shit?” “Ok, Other Frances, we can, but I’m not sure what everyone else will think of you…” “I’m just gonna leave that ellipsis hanging.” “As you like. Your decision.”

On and off for months/years, I’ve been porting the first I dunno how many years of supernaut properly into WordPress. When I gave Moveable Type the boot—and later ecto, opting to work directly in WordPress rather than with a haha ‘blogging client’ (remember when blog software was so crap you needed a blogging client rather than suffer the web browser?) I had all those years of images to deal with, assimilating them, attaching them to post, blahwork. Weeks of blaaahwork. Done. Fucking finished right now. 6312 images are all unified and fuck me if I ever have to change to another blogging platform it’s gonna be a piece of piss compared to this. Or I will throw my arms up and walk the fuck out of the internet for ever.

This is archaeology. The remainder. The images that weren’t attached, had no home, were left to languish in the dim recesses of my server. Jacques Derrida would probably find these telling. Bin Lang girls from Taiwan, I think from an exhibition, or they might have been actual workers in Tainan or Taizhong. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, I think from when I was in Taipei and was told about what Gen was up to—also introduced to the novels of China Miéville. A page from a comic called Dragnet? I think one of those mid- late-’00s types when tranny was a word we could still throw around without the Queer Police putting a fucking * on the end. That “Jesus Loves You” one … fuck knows. Maybe from Emile? Fuck Gender might even be a photo I took at some Queer* event in Berlin. Or Vienna. Dunno. Thought it was cool at the time (maybe, fuck knows, no memory here), enough to photograph, though not enough to blog. Don’t think it’s cool anymore. Lambs. Baaaaaaah! Was from Christmas 2008, with the mob all in Berlin, around the time I photographed a Nativity Scene. This is definitely one of my photos.

Finally I can remove that shitful “sorry things are broken” apology at the bottom of supernaut.

非常經濟實驗室 wayward economy

Main Trend Gallery, which was part of Co4 Documenta last year has just opened 非常經濟實驗室 wayward economy, curated by 徐文瑞 Manray Hsu and Maren Richter. Artists include鄭淑麗 Shulea Cheang, 日日春關懷互助協會 COSWAS, 許兒帕_古普塔 Shilpa Gupta, Big Hope, 卡爾海因茲_克老福 Karl Heinz Klopf, and 奧立佛_雷斯樂 Oliver Ressler.

By analyzing the architectural, sociological and cultural components Karl-Heinz Klopf reflects on the urban tactics in Taiwan, looking into the phenomenon of one of the most visible informal businesses: the betel nut shops.

Betel nut business is a result of the extremely fast economic development in the second half of the last century and its necessity to handle this situation. Existing buildings were illegally expanded in all directions, which was tolerated due to the need for production and storage spaces. Living rooms suddenly became factories. The “family as a factory” was a promotion slogan. Mobile makeshift constructions emerged for the selling of everything possible. Probably the most culturally interesting and particular sector is betel nut shops, which developed out of the new marketing strategies for betel nuts. A new independent culture emerged that mirrors various different regional and global influences.