miss international queen 2006

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a few days but I am lazy and self-centred. So. Finally I have a means for dating the years that pass by my blog: Miss International Queen. Last year’s winner, Mimi Marks you are all familiar with as she has consistently been the highest search query here for ages.

This year the winner is Miss Mexico, Erika Andrews, beating favourite Miss Philippines Patricia Montrecarlo to the prize.

Of course I think this is cool and always love the tranny beauty pageants across Asia, but as usual I am going to pause for a moment amidst all the fake boobs and ballgowns to slag off several newspapers, including Pattaya Daily News, which comes from the same city as the contest and should bloody well know better than to call anyone in the contest ‘he’ or ‘mr’. But extra bile and a spit in your face goes to SBS World News anchor and ‘out-and-proud’ fag Anton Enus who has no fucking excuse for the lazy and useless piece of fluffy-kittens-after-the-car-bombs end of news item on this where he referred to the contestants as transvestites. For fucks sake Anton you lame asshole get it together.

Anyway, a big CHAMPAGNE!!! and $10,000 of poor behaviour awaits Miss Mexico.

Pattaya, Thailand. It could have been a Japanese samurai, an Italian gladiator or an Egyptian pharaoh — but they were no match for Mexico’s Erica Andrews, the world’s new transsexual beauty queen.

Andrews was named Miss International Queen 2006 here late Saturday night, besting 23 of the world’s most beautiful transsexuals who had come from as far as Egypt and Australia to vie for the diamante crown.

Her slinky low-cut red gown and resemblance to a 1920s starlet finally carried the day, putting her past runners-up Patricia Montrecarlo of the Philippines and Thailand’s Ratravee Jiraprapakul.

“This is the most wonderful feeling,” gushed the 38-year-old from atop her throne after receiving $10,000 and the title.

— The Peninsula

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amazing philippine beauties 2006

Actually I know why you mostly come here and it has nothing to do with having a social conscience. You’re all here looking for tranny porn. Sorry, you have to pay me for that and if you don’t know a) where to find free tranny porn on the internet, b) how to use a search engine to find what you’re looking for and c) are stupid, I dunno, I just can’t understand how you even manage to breathe.

Back to the tgirls then, Asian tgirls to be exact, who are so far beyond the boring stupid-dumb world of english-speaking countries in getting identity they make me a bit embarrassed I have to live here, or at least wish I get reincarnated as Harisu.

Twenty-eight beauties recently competed in the fourth Amazing Philippine Beauties 2006. If beauty is the only requirement for being a female, then these beauties are definitely women.

The pageant actually features transsexuals, transgender people, transvestites and cross-dressers in a grand display of beauty and talent. The grand winner and her court are assured of slots in the Amazing Philippine Theatre Shows, which were inspired by the world-famous performances in Thailand. With the more popular performers in the shows getting as much as $100 in tips a night from tourists for photo-ops, the pageant is the most prestigious, one of its kind in the country. The grand winner will also compete in Thailand for the title of Miss International Queen next year.

Patricia Montecarlo, a statuesque former entertainer in Japan, bagged a number of special awards, including Best in Long Gown and Swimsuit, and was crowned Ms. Amazing Philippine Beauties 2006.

— Manila Standard

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miss tiffany’s universe 2006

It’s that time of the year again, and in wishing to have some kind of fair competition, I neglected to enter the Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2006 transsexual beauty pageant in Thailand. Congratulations to Ratrawee Chirapraphakun for taking home the crown.

The Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant contestants were perfectly made up, coifed and draped in glamorous gowns, convincingly masking their hidden truth — that they were all born boys.

Through extensive plastic surgery and hormone popping, Thai men are expert at transforming themselves into transsexuals with long, lithe limbs, silky skin and supreme femininity. Thirty transsexuals selected from 60 entrants from around Thailand competed in the annual Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant, broadcast live nationwide on May 19.

— Mainichi Daily News

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mimi marks and stupid people

About a month ago, Mimi Marks won the Miss International Queen 2005 beauty pageant for transsexuals in Thailand, which I wrote about. Now she’s back in America, it’s time for the stupid headlines to remind us she is not a person, she is a freak. I mean for fucks sake, is it still the 1950s, or is it possible we can have a little more intelligence is the diarrhoea masquerading as journalism in such asinine crap as the first paragraph of this page-filler? He? Does she look like a bloke? Does reporter Jason Clayworth and/or his sub-editor need a) glasses and b) a certificate showing stunted mental acuity? I guess you can’t expect anything more astute from a shithole like Des Moines.

A little background: Mimi Mark is a man from Waterloo who would rather be a woman from Chicago.

In the news: Mark, who was born Mark Kammeyer, won the Miss International Queen 2005 pageant in Pattaya, Thailand, in October. He was selected from transvestite and transgender contestants from 10 countries. Mark performs at the Baton Show Lounge in Chicago and will spend much of 2006 traveling as Miss International Queen. He took a few minutes from his jet-lagged schedule to answer 10 (or so) Questions.

— Des Moines Register

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miss international queen 2005

Tiffany’s second annual beauty pageant for transsexuals Miss International Queen 2005 was held in the glowing centre of the she-male universe, Pattaya, Thailand on the last weekend of October. The winner, from a group of 50 transsexuals from over the world was American Mimi Marks, who looks like a California cheerleader, big tits, big hair, blonde, big white teeth smile and All-American bikini.

Miss International Queen organizers said the contest aims to raise awareness of issues facing transvestites and the transgendered and improve their human rights. It also hopes to build a bridge between the transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual communities.

Anybody born a man but living as a woman is eligible to enter the contest, though only one Thai may take part in the final.

Mainichi Daily News

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人造美女 – miss artificial beauty

The first beauty competition in China for people who had plastic surgery, 人造美女, is over, and the winner is Feng Qian. But for me the winner is number 13, 刘晓晶, Lui Xiaojing, the 22 year old transsexual from Jilin. There’s a big interview with her on many of the Chinese news sites, 变性美女刘晓晶专访(组图).

plastic surgery disasters

Actually I’m a bit of a fan of the whole thing, in a post-modern kind of way, especially after finding Genesis P-Orridge formerly of such luminous performance scenes at Throbbing Gristle has, along with his partner decided to have a sex-change – as well as starting a blog… But back to China, where the Miss Artificial Beauty contest s being held, where the post-human is in full effect, and one of the entrants, Liu Xiaojing is a transsexual.

Liu Xiaojing, a 21-year-old finalist from the north-eastern city of Harbin, was a man until three years ago.

“Becoming beautiful is the wish of everyone,” said Ms Liu, who was wearing a strapless turquoise dress.

“I am now legally a woman and this contest is my first formal step toward womanhood,” she said.

Her eligibility was being reviewed by organisers who only learnt of her previous identity on the opening day.

Ms Liu remained determined, however.

miss tiffany singapore

Miss Tiffany has been crowned for the first time in Singapore. In an imitation of the famous Thailand beauty pageant for transsexuals, over 1300 people came along for the charity event.

“Some of them even brought their families. This is truly a ground-breaking event to show that Singapore is changing,” said Moganaruban, chairman of the non-profit charity organization, Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative Society.

Jesse Rogers, a 28-year-old student standing 1.8-meters (5 ft 11 in) tall, was the winner of the Miss Tiffany crown. Rogers walked away with S$5,000 and will represent Singapore in the Miss Tiffany’s Universe contest in Bangkok.

The charity contest raised over S$120,000 ($70,600).

Unlike Thailand, transvestites in Singapore remain on the fringe of society.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, Bugis Street, located near Singapore’s central business district of Singapore, was famous as a red-light district for transvestites and transsexuals.

However, with redevelopment of the area into a shopping center, their activities have since shifted to a quiet leafy suburb at the eastern end of Singapore called Changi Village, not far from the famous airport.

Moganaruban said the event signals the conservative government’s growing tolerance.

beauty pageant cries “just say no”

110 000 kuai and plenty of knife work wasn’t enough to buy Yang Yuan a place in the Beijing leg of the 2004 Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant. Not trying to hustle her way in with the help of local gangsters, she was banned instead for being a 人造美女 renzao meinu, a ‘man-made beauty’. In a couple of months where women have been trashed for having asymmetric breasts, and the BBC breathlessly follow a young woman as she has her legs broken and stretched 4 inches to bring her height in line with her ability, all of a sudden there is an outbreak of moral standards.

In a one-liner worthy of Jean Baudrillard, she says:

‘Who isn’t artificial in some ways?’ asks the svelte freelance model, after being thrown out of a prestigious beauty contest for going under the knife 11 times to improve her looks.

She told The Straits Times: ‘This is no different from using make-up, I’m just trying to look better.

She is now planning on suing the contest for ‘discrimination’, well if you can’t get democracy, get plastic surgery. Besides the glycerol tears, she is now a dead-ringer for a friend of mine.