S.J Norman / Onyx B. Carmine: 2018 Sidney Myer Creative Fellow

So proud of my fam.

Big news!! Its with great pleasure that I wish to announce that I’ve been named a 2018 Sidney Myer Creative Fellow, one among 8 exceptional artists. This prestigious biennial award seeks to provide support to a group of mid-career artists (across all disciplines) and arts workers, who are judged by a panel of national peers as demonstrating the qualities of “outstanding talent and exceptional courage”. I’m honoured to receive this support and recognition of my work, and doubly so to share it with such an outstanding cohort which includes 3 #FirstNations artists: myself, Merindah Donnelly and Jonathan Jones. I was nominated for the fellowship by @emmmwebb and refereed by @hettiperkins, two forces of nature who humble me with their support. My thanks to them, to the Myer foundation and to the panel. 🙌🏼🙏🏽💥🖤💛❤️


As Melanie Said: ✊✊✊💪💪💪💥💥💥💥

Late-night email from Melanie Lane. Wonderwomen, for which I was dramaturg, won the 2017 Leipziger Bewegungskunstpreis. Mad props to Mel, Rosie Rascal and Nathalie Schmidt, Robert Bartholot, Florian Bücking, and Fabian Bleisch — and LOFFT Theater in Leipzig, where we premièred.


Kreuz und Pinguin

Yes, I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t even a good excuse. Absence of unique excitement, though presence of multiple small excitements – none of which alone are enough to write about.

Christian sent some photos. He is in South America somewhere, possibly in Patagonia, or Tierra del Fuego. Vircarious excitement for me in the photographs from friends.


Christian & his Verdienstkreuz

One of the first freelance jobs I got in Berlin was salvaging a website for Christian Ender. Over the past three years, I’ve looked after imdialog, taken care of two other sites for Christian, and he has become one of my good friends here. A couple of weeks ago he called me and explained he was being awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz for his work that these websites document over the past years.

Last Friday, he was awarded the medal by the Staatssekretär, and following that, a long lunch and many drinks with a large group of friends and family.

I am very happy for Christian to have all his work recognised — for Werner Bab and “Zeitabschnitte”, for Gunter Kroemer and “Bedrohtevölker” — and for him to receive the recognition he is due.

And at the end of the month, he departs for South America with a camera.


enough from daniel

Something to celebrate because I lost all track of time. Adelaide’s Fringe Festival is over, which I’ve only ever experience for a couple of days in 2008. Beautiful Daniel had his first solo there this year, bits of which he played with while in Berlin, nearly a year ago, and 8 months since he properly left, three since I last saw him.

Too Far Again, Not Far Enough… won two awards, the Adelaide Festival Centre inSPACE:development Award, and Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Dance. Poo I wasn’t there to get hideously trashed on Absinthe at our favourite La Boheme. O-well. Congratulations Daniel, you deserve it.

first against the wall etc …

At first I wasn’t going to blog this, you know, another smarmy round of greasy dandruff-ridden back-slapping and syphilitic self-congratulation, all so very right-on yeah! and it’s a duty to enjoy it, like stuffing hemorrhoids back up after your morning dump. But then I read the categories for nominations, and thought ooo! this could get nasty, my kinda shindig.

Nominations are now open for Melbourne’s first annual Trans Revolutionary Achievement and Non-Achievement Awards (TRAANAA), otherwise known as the Trannys.

Nominations can be made for the following categories:

7. Best Example of Simultaneous Racism, Sexism and Transphobia from A ‘GLBTIQ’ Perspective
8. The Harry Benjamin Award for the Most Inappropriate Comment by a Psychiatrist
9. The Milli Vanilli Award for the Most Lazy and Uninspired Drag Performance of 2006
10. The TransAmerica Award for the Most Conservative Trans Movie
12. The Ratbag Award for the Most Incorrigible Gender-Variant Upstart
13. The Red Tape Award for the Most Time Consuming Gender Related Administrative Nightmare
15. The Token Award for the Best Performance of Trans-Friendliness Without the Action to Back it Up

— trans melbourne gender project

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asian blog awards 2006

I have no idea who nominated me for the Asian Blog Awards 2006, but I’m quite flattered; and quite amused I’m in the Best Asian BLGT Blog category. It sounds like a hamburger.

I don’t especially consider myself blgt, that is bi-lesbian-gay-transsexual (not that I’m about to get into a semantic discourse after two glasses of wine and a block of chocolate), and I’ve never thought of supernaut as a blog about these things. I write about trannys simply because that’s what I am; I write about dance because that’s what I do and as dancing has shaped me in no lesser way than being transsexual, that too is what I am; I write about Melbourne, Guangzhou, Zürich only because I’ve lived in these places – insofar as I am any nationality it is from the places I have lived.

I’m a bit confused by the implications of being placed in this category, as I have a very oblivious understanding of how I am perceived, both in the blog world and the real. Possibly though it’s not about me at all, and all about Mimi, Lady, and Harisu.

Anyway, there are lots of blogs worth checking out in all the categories, and if you really like, you can vote for me.

vote for meee!!! … again …

The party at Simon World for the 2004 Asian Blog Awards has barely finished and the results are still being counted, but just like every movie where the protagonist wakes up to find the day exactly as the previous one, reliving it over and over … it’s all on again.

Someone nominated me for Best Overseas Australian Blog in the 2005 Australian Blog Awards at Keks, and this time I’m really not worthy. So, vote for me, or … vote for the deranged Hong Kong fashion genius of Spirit Fingers (I mean she’s like eating chocolate every day for breakfast and not getting fat from it … or sick … or something) or vote for the host of the 2004 Asian Blog Awards and truly dedicated blogger Simon World or just randomly click on a link and bask in the endless beauty of blogs.

asian blog awards

It’s time to vote over at Simon World for the best blog from pretty much every country from Pakistan to Indonesia to Korea and everywhere in-between. Most of them I’ve never even heard from, having my head buried in the triangle of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. So after you’ve voted for me (come on, my ego needs fluffing), here are my favourites I think you should support:

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From Mainland China

Shanghai Diaries
supernaut (omfg! what a great site!!!)

From Taiwan

A Better Tomorrow

Asia’s Best Political Blog

china Digital News
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If you’ve ever wanted to know about contemporary life, culture, politics, art in any of the countries across Asia, here’s where you will find it, weeks before it reaches your evening news.