Robin Fox at Footscray AV Social Club

I’ve been meaning to mention some of the things Emile is up to lately, but mostly whenever we get together, it all just degrades into mmwwuaaagh!!! destruction of language! demonic suctioning brick wall, psychedelic aura-combatting death seagulls, vampire lampposts, tiny dwarf god-slaughtering child battalions, bbbrrrrrraaappppp-double-kick-drum!!! after barely a greüzi and a haben sie brot?, that the friendly people of East St Kilda find scary when witnessing from the next table over at our regular hangout.

Emile has been running a regular audio-visual night, Tuesdays in Footscray, and this week it’s Robin Fox.

Robin Fox is a Melbourne based sound artist currently working with live digital media in improvised, composed and collaborative settings. He has submitted a PhD in composition, at Monash University focussing on the development of multi-channel performance ecologies and the design of interactive electro-acoustic situations that explore the dynamic between performer, space and computer.


FAVSC is a fortnightly meeting place for media artists, noise makers, electronics boffins, installation artists, circuit benders, DIYers, video geeks, laptop musicians, curators and those with an interest in low/hi-fi new/old-media art.

— Foostcray AV Social Club

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