Daniel Jaber in Kuala Lumpur

Daniel has been on an AsiaLink Performing Arts Residency in Malaysia for the last some months. Snakes? Yes! He has a double bill this weekend, of WG-Spiel (which I love) and Poetic Structure (which is new, I think). I had a strange idea he was also performing degradation, which would have been hilarious, though he probably would be put on the next plane out of the country…

Anyway, probably worth flying there if flying wasn’t so rotten for the world. (I’ll stay in Berlin and pretend I’m there, eating noodles from a street stall in the warm rain…)

Poetic Structure

a double bill of new works by Daniel Jaber

Where:The Fonteyn Studio Theatre, Level 5, Wisma FAB, 1-3 Jalan 14/22, 46200 Petaling Jaya KUALA LUMPUR
When:Friday 19 & Saturday 20 November @ 7:30pm

Tickets:RM 15 available at the door OR contact Bilqis bilqis@rimbundahan.org

WG Spiel is a ferociously physical dance work from award-winning Australian choreographer Daniel Jaber. The work examines the lives and living habits of 3 housemates as they coexist in close living quarters. Set to a vibrant and energetic electronic soundtrack, the work charges forth through images and choreographic scenarios regarding domestic duties, working life and relationships.

Poetic structure redefines traditional choreography in the context of a modern world. Cyberspace, chartrooms and MSN form the communicative dialogues of the performers as they engage in wickedly abstract choreography created by CSS and HTML coding formulas. Commenting on communication, technology and digital engulfment – Poetic Structure is a sophisticatedly structured short dance work featuring 4 outstanding Malay dancers and created by Daniel Jaber.

Made possible through an Asialink Performing Arts Residency and supported by the Government of South Australia through Arts SA, the Australian Government through the Australia – Malaysia Institute, Rimbun Dahan, Carclew Youth Arts.

35 000 days in asia

Asialink’s book 35 000 days in asia is being launched on Thursday 22 July, celebrating 10 years of arts residencies across Asia.

The Asialink Arts Residency Program currently sends around 35 artists, performers, writers and arts managers between Asia and Australia each year. Established in 1989 by the Australia Council with three Visual Arts/Craft Residencies in Thailand and Malaysia, the residency program was devolved to Asialink in 1991. Asialink has managed the program since then, and developed it to include Performing Arts and Arts Management since 1996 and Literature from 1997 onwards. By the end of 2004, 330 residents will have travelled between Australia and Asia under the auspices of this program.

These artists, performers, writers and arts managers spend three or more months working on projects they have devised. Each resident is hosted by an arts organisation or tertiary institution and the interaction between the resident and the host is an important aspect of the program. Residents present talks, lectures and workshops or engage in formal teaching. Many also direct performances, organise events, exhibit work in solo and group exhibitions and undertake readings. The program promotes both artistic development and involvement with the local community and emphasises the importance of cultural exchange and dialogue

In 2002, I went to Guangzhou to make a work with the 广东实验现代舞团 Guangdong Modern Dance Company on and Asialink Performing Arts Residency, along with my lighting designer John Dutton. My initial 12 weeks with the company grew to over a year, and much of the last two years making art in Guangzhou. I hope in ten years from now, we’ll be celebrating at least 70 000 days in Asia, and have an amazing arts scene flourishing between Australia and the rest of Asia.