Naarm from North Melbourne Station

I went into town to meet Gabrielle and Luke, old friends I’ve met across the world. The skyline is more dense. A city I remember and a city I do not know. So much has changed. The city I left — had to leave — remains, like sediment laid down, but a new city has been making its own strata, and a much older one unfolding into this.


Black Metal Autokino

And what was best! Gab was in town! (So we had pizza and beer beside Urbanhafen.) A single photo (of three photos from Dasniya) of last week’s public outing of the first section of Black Metal 1 at Autokino. Seems to be getting somewhere. And now back to working on my own.

The Funeral Tree — Gabrielle Nankivell

I don’t blog so often about upcoming shows anymore, not to worry, here’s one worth going to Adelaide for. There are two different casts listed, but I’m pretty sure what arrived in my email today is the real one (otherwise I’m not sure what Gala is doing there). So, go to Adelaide, probably the one of best pieces of dance you’ll see this year.

Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE:development program presents


Friday 14 September 4pm & 7pm
Rehearsal Room 2 – Adelaide Festival Centre

Be the first to experience pioneering performance freshly developed in the rehearsal room. Meet at the Dunstan Playhouse foyer entrance 15 minutes prior to performance time.

A 2nd stage creative development on the art of losing.

Previously we had fiction – thylacines, burglary and BBQ’s, from here on in, everything you see and hear is true.

Created by Gabrielle Nankivell with Luke Smiles, Gala Moody, Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Tal Graham, Chris Herzfeld and Michael Hill.

goat snake witch dance theatre blackness

The last couple of days I’ve been working on a side-project, cleaning up my dance/performance/choreography website, I decided a while ago I wanted to move it into WordPress, change the font to Anonymous Pro, and try and make everything I would do by hand-coding possible through the WordPress browser editor.

Success! (Mostly). The design hasn’t changed, except it’s been cleaned up a bit, and a more structured layout used. The video took the longest and was a rather intense learning process, which is going to fall over into some other projects I’m working on at the moment. The words I edited a bit, but mostly left alone. Some time I’ll clean that up also.

As for ‘goat snake witch dance theatre blackness’, I couldn’t decide which word I liked the least and somehow they all sit together quite nicely, like an excess of baroque.

a website a video

She of the long red hair, Gabrielle Nankivell has her own website. Witch/Red was one of my favourite pieces in Adelaide, and also in Australia, so naturally watching the videos on her site is a good idea.

Another Austro/Europa-innen, Daniel Schlusser has video of his recent performance, Cageling to see.

mmm… beautiful theatre.

I left my shoes on warm concrete and stood in the rain

Witch/Red was for me easily one of the best pieces of performance, theatre, dance I saw in all my time living in Australia. I should qualify that also by saying one of the best of any local or international performances. I think it was her first collaboration with Luke Smiles, who I think is the singular most talented composer for performance in Australia (and I still remember his beautifully strange installation with tape reels and other digital, mechanical devices in the basement of RMIT (or somewhere central Melbourne)).

Gabrielle is performing her new work in Melbourne in a couple of weeks. For those of you in the antipodes… well, I have no idea what she is doing in this piece, but Gab is one person whom I’d always want to see what has emerged.

I left my shoes on warm concrete and stood in the rain

Dancehouse’s Housemate Residency Program presents the extraordinary new work of Gabrielle Nankivell.

I left my shoes on warm concrete and stood in the rain is a performance that examines struggle as an inherent quality of being human. The audience is invited to experience intense physicality and haunting words framed by Benjamin’s Cisterne’s (Bluebottle) design and a striking soundtrack by Luke Smiles / motion laboratories.

Harnessing the imagination as a physical force, I left my shoes on warm concrete and stood in the rain is a visual poem for anyone who has taken the enchanting qualities of their broken world and built a fairytale as inspiration to survive.

Text, Physical Content & Performance – Gabrielle Nankivell
Original Soundtrack – Luke Smiles / motion laboratories
Design – Bluebottle Benjamin Cisterne
50 minutes no interval.

July 8-11 @ 8pm, July 12 @ 5pm

For more information email


This is the month of Adelaide independent choreographers with five developments that I know of and maybe a couple of others I might be making up. Gabrielle, whom I’ve known and made things with for years is working on a solo, with one showing only next weekend.


Chapter 1: persecution, blood and stories of the human spirit.
Concept and Performance – Gabrielle Nankivell
Soundtrack – Luke Smiles / motion laboratories

My sweat is my armour. Ecstasy is my shell and I am wrapped in the steely grace of determination that keeps the sunny moth away. I am on an empty set, held up by sound, beads of sweat and the roar of my life before. I am a gladiator. I live from the carrions of my own invention. I’m a warrior of beauty, a survivor, something of steel. I have strength, determination, power in failure and honour and grace in defeat.

You are invited to join us for the first showing of the initial development of Witch/Red. We welcome your presence and your feedback.

Where: ADT back studio, Wonderland Ballroom, 126 Belair Road, Hawthorn.
When: Saturday 5th April 2008, 7:30pm

Please RSVP by the 4th April so we can take into account seating.
0415 458 084