Neue Nationalgalerie. Ferdinand Hodler: Jüngling vom Weibe bewundert II, ca. 1904

First time ever being inside the Neue Nationalgalerie, and with Alison Currie who’s blasting through Berlin / Germland / the north-west Asian peninsula (aka Europe) on a dance / art trip.

One of the last artworks we saw, and the last painting I photographed before we schlepped around the gift shop. It’s supposed to be three chicks perving at a naked dude, but I think it’s three trans women showing off what the fourth could have if she just got on hormones and embraced her femme.


Neue Nationalgalerie. Otto Mueller: Junges Mädchen vor Männerköpfen, 1928

Me, trying to remember what I was looking at in the Neue Nationalgalerie, having forgot every artist’s name, but still, “Oh, yeah, that one, that’s one of my faves,” pointing at Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Potsdamer Platz and Rheinbrücke paintings which I’ve seen heaps of times and still very much faves, or Max Beckmann, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Max Pechstein, Emil Nolde, Wassily Kandinsky … seeing all those artists in context with each other (though minus the ladies, cos … ‘reasons’) and in context geographically and historically is a trip.

Last time I blogged Otto Mueller was when I visited Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig way back in 2016, and when I used to photograph massive amounts of art and edit the fuck out of it all. Which, like everything I get enthusiastic about, became stressy and slightly too intense, whole weeks gone on doing fifty or sixty images per museum, and then a pandemic happened and I’ve been to maybe two or three exhibitions since the start of 2020.


Neue Nationalgalerie. Sascha Wiederhold: Jazz-Symphonie, 1927 (detail)

First time ever being inside the very modern architecture, very Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Neue Nationalgalerie, and dragging Alison Currie along, whom I haven’t seen for … fucking years. We were quite loud sozbruh. Me with my still new FujiFilm X-T4 using it for one of the reasons I bought it: photographing aaart. Sascha Wiederhold, very intense, big, detailed paintings.

42a at EAF

Last year at Downtown, 42a was the most memorable show for me in Adelaide. Then Alison got Triennial funding and 42a is on next week at the Experimental Art Foundation. mmm… dance installation, small things, vibrating things, etc…

hello friends and lovers,

hope you can make it to 42a the show im directing and performing in along with annemarie kohn, kel mocilnik, adam synnott, alisdair macindoe, rachel fenwick, veronica shum and carlie angel. other possible friends who are involved are sol ulbrich, damo jones, michelle delaney and ade suharto.

we open this thurs 26th june AND perform live in the space for the whole of the opening hours.

thurs 26th 6-8pm, fri 27th 11am-5pm, sat 28th 2-5pm,
tues-fri 1st-4th 11am-5pm, sat 5th 2pm-5pm

come in during the day, stay for an hour or 5mins. come anytime and stay as long as you like. hope to see you there

Lion Arts Centre
North Tce
(next to the jam factory and near fowlers live)
Thurs 26th June 6-8pm
26th June 5th July
Tuesday – Friday 11-5pm
Saturday 2-5pm

swanhilda is a punk

Daniel is having showings of the development of his new work this weekend with some of Adelaide’s most wild and beautiful dancers. Free with wine to drink after.


The progress showing of Daniel Jaber’s Swanhilda is a Punk.

Come be a part of street punk Swanhilda’s fraught escapade as she trespasses into “your” nation’s space and conflicts with those she considers most crass.

WHERE? Dancecraft & Gravity Studios, 41 Gilles St, Adelaide
WHEN? March 29 at 7:30pm and March 30 at 1pm


… and then that evening

I was genuinely about to go home for a long sleep so today I could do some work on my Residency, but Daniel insisted I come over to Tara’s and … I bend like a reed in a gentle breeze. Leaving Gala with Sudoku and crosswords I found myself amidst drunken people. Daniel had prepared shots for me. Daniel prepared more shots for me. Then a cocktail. Alison and Carlie were there, along with Tara, Sandrine, several others … more food, now only chocolate, a sheesha, more drinks, more … ham?


if you’re cute and you’re in the bar’s toilet …

More from Alison whose installation-performance if you’re cute and you’ve got good sneakers … in the toilets of FAD Bar is happening this Saturday with Daniel Jaber and Kate Skully. I just like the photos of Daniel in the toilets … but he reads this now … and even comments … probably should shut up now …

if you’re cute and you’ve got good sneakers …

More from Alison who I think is compelled to be Adelaide’s independent dance scene, I mean all of it, she’s done more shows in the last week than I have in several years, and has an amazing pair of night blue Asics trainers and was very nice to hang out with while we all worked in Cibo last night. (Oh and noodles at 水饺店 Dumpling King last week too). She has another show on this week. With … Daniel! … and Kel!

If you’re cute and you’ve got good sneakers
Moving Image Closing Party
SALA Festival
9:30pm – 5:00am
Waymouth Street


we were thinking about each other

I returned to Judith Butler last week, beginning a rereading of Gender Trouble and placing Undoing Gender on order at the Experimental Art Foundation. If my works tend to have single books that define them then what will emerge sometime in October I suppose will come from her. I seem to struggle to find theorists or philosophers whose works are less than a decade old who manage to ensnare me, perhaps because the contemporary in whatever they write needs to become history and forgotten first.

Judith Butler, Deleuze and Guattari, especially these writers though also so many others who stormed through me were introduced by – I’d like to remember this as – one person in a whirl of a year that ended with me moving to Melbourne. Sometimes the past is further away than it seems.

At EAF for the mediocre James Dodd exhibition opening following a bowl of noodles, nostalgia and sentimentalism Taiwanese beef noodle soup at Dumpling King with Banksia and Gloria, and I stumble into someone I haven’t seen in maybe eight years. Yes, there is a connection to these books and writers and the person with the books. Was it that I thought of them all and maybe even told some story about them responsible for this reappearance?

Sunday to Yingchow. Not as good as Dumpling King and more expensive. But another reunion, from Berlin and many emails to Adelaide, Paea here and me too. Then to the Grace Emily for an evening of drinking and talking before the last night of Alison’s 42a. Sitting on beer carpet with Xuan remembering Taipei and Taiwan. Later in the front bar with Paea, bits of ourselves. I thought last night how close I am to being home. So elusive.